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Book Gerard Dunning

Voice actor



Step 1 of 4

What type of voice do you need?

Let Gerard know the language(s) as well as voice gender and age(s) you'd like the voice over in.

Optionally, link this booking with a previously received proposal from Gerard.

Step 1 of 4

What will the voice actor record?

Make sure you let Gerard know of any additional performance requirement; accent, tone and style.

The final script should be ready, so that they can provide you with an accurate quote and begin recording as soon as possible.

Step 1 of 4

How will this recording be used?

TV? Social media? A website or an event? How the recording is used directly impacts the final quote.

Let Gerard know for how long and where the recording will be used.

Step 1 of 4

What is your project's budget?

A set amount? A quote from the voice actor? Get an instant quote based on Gerard's rates.

Pay via Voice123's Secure Payment system and get 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Bookings are the fastest and most secure way to hire a voice actor.

  • Voice actor

      • 1. Booking requirements
      • Voice gender and ageMale adult
      • 2. Additional details
      • 0 / 50
      • 0 / 10000
        The more info you provide, the better. What's the project about? Clarify the accents, pronunciations, and emotions you wish to have correctly conveyed.
        A valid file is required
      • 3. Recording script
      • Type, paste or attach the full script of the recording
        A valid file is required
      • words
      • Please provide the total number of words in the script
      • 4. Usage
        How, when, and for how long the voice recording will be used. Read more here.
      • Broadcast audience sizeNone
            • listeners
            • Leave empty when recording will not be broadcast (Radio, TV, film, or internet)
      • months
      • The period of time that the recording will be used.
      • days
      • The deadline by which you need to receive the final recording.
      • Extended usage and short turnaround could increase the project cost, the price of these will be set by the voice actor.
      • 5. Money matters
      • Fixed budget
            • Recording length
            • Broadcast audience size

      • Project cost:

      • Secure Payment fee:
    • Voice123 will secure your funds and only release it to the voice actor when you are 100% satisfied with the final recording. Read more here.

      Access higher discounts with continued use.

      • Order total:
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You have selected additional services for this booking that could increase the project cost. The price of these services will be set by the voice actor.

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