Why the voice you use for eLearning matters

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Knowledge and learning were imparted to students in a structured and authoritative manner since time immemorial. Fortunately, teaching has come a long way! The scholastic repertoire now includes distance learning, part-time programs and most recently, eLearning. There’s now a digital interface between teacher and student. The advantage is that this allows enthusiastic learners hungry for knowledge to learn from teachers anywhere in the world. That’s why the voice you use for eLearning matters.

Did you know that since the turn of this century, the eLearning industry has grown by 900%?

The evolution of teaching from old school to eLearning

It started by providing recorded sessions of a physical lesson taught in a classroom. From there, it moved to live sessions catering to students who couldn’t reach the class in time. Then came structured pre-recorded sessions intended solely for an audience who opted for distance learning certification programs offered by universities. Ultimately it started serving a global audience with self-paced learning courses compiled by eLearning companies. 

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Students can now log in to their accounts online and attend a live class or even pre-recorded sessions. It’s become increasingly easy for people to attend these classes on their own time and at their own pace.

Old-school methods required you to stay abreast of the class and ask questions in real-time. 

eLearning allows you to ask questions in a forum. There you can have lively and constructive discussions with fellow students. 

Students who enrol in eLearning classes are usually strongly self-motivated. Nevertheless, an all-important factor in engaging learners is the voice of the narrator.

The voice over can make or break your eLearning project

More than 90% of e-learners do not finish the courses they enrol for. The most common reason? “Boring lectures that do not grab attention.”

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The right voice actor will easily elevate your eLearning course. You might have the best material, quizzes. You might have mapped out all the crucial talking points. Your script might be engaging — even compelling. If the voice delivering the content is boring, however, learners will quickly log out of the course and never return. 

Elevate your eLearning course

A conversational voice-over makes it more engaging

Good talking points and visual cues make the content more engaging. But if the voice actor has a robotic or monotone voice, the content will not hold the learner’s attention. Preparing an eLearning course takes numerous months. A lot of work goes into graphic production, course outline, test preparation, etc. It only makes sense to spend a equal amount of time choosing the right voice actor! 80% of respondents in a survey said that a poor voice over prevents them from achieving their objectives.

The right voice actor can help learners retain more

Current and former staff members of Carnegie Mellon University wrote How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Learning. They claim students are less likely to engage with the course if the instructor or teacher uses punitive language. Similarly, students engage and retain more information when the content is delivered to them in a rewarding language and tone. Choose a voice actor who can mold tone and pitch into a rewarding one. Your work can be a hit!

A professional voice actor is impartial and inclusive

You need a versatile and impartial tone to voice your eLearning course. This allows for an inclusive and connected learning experience for all learners. A professional voice actor is trained to capture every nuance of the content. They evaluate what words to emphasize. The voice actor can also introduce periods of silence so students can recap timeously.

Teach well and retain more learners with the right voice

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The voice actor who records your eLearning course is also the voice of your brand. They will build a reputation for your eLearning business. Students might not remember the content on your website but they’ll remember the voice of your eLearning services. You might also like to consider which gender of voice actor will serve your material best. We discuss that here.

Under the guidance of the right voice, you teach students in an engaging way. You also plant seeds for returning business. If a student likes your course and feels they learned a lot, they’ll return and enrol in another course.

The right voice for your eLearning video is truly the right voice for your brand.  

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