Communication: the key to a successful voice over project

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In the voice over industry, good communication is critical for the success of any voice over project. After all, it’s an industry that revolves around conveying a message!

Are you a business owner looking for a voice actor to market your product or service? Then Voice123 is certainly the right place to find one. Whether you request auditions or decide on a specific actor from the start, you need to make contact. Establishing good communication between you and your chosen voice actor is very important.

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If you’ve never hired a voice actor or managed a voice over project before, you may feel a bit intimidated. Like in any industry, there’s terminology worth learning. Don’t let the fact that you don’t know it put you off, though. At its core, communicating with a voice actor is no different than any other kind of communication. As long as you explain what you need and why you need it, a voice actor will understand. The clearer and more comprehensive your explanation, the more likely your project is to succeed without any drama.

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It follows by implication that many of the voice actors on Voice123 are seasoned professionals. They are likely to be masters of their art and craft. But they’re not mind readers. Here’s why communicating what you want as clearly as possible is essential to the success of your project:

It helps in building a clear understanding of the project requirements.

Any voice acting project begins with you clearly explaining to the voice actor what you want and expect. In other words, you have to communicate what the projects goals are.

Don’t hesitate to include as many details as possible. What is the tone of the voice that you want? Which emotions do you wish to convey? Which delivery method do you prefer? The more details, the better because it means there is less scope for misunderstanding, confusion, and often debilitating frustration.

Be open with the voice actor and answer any question they may have with certainty. Any voice actor will tell you that vague instructions are the worst. Avoid saying things like “youl know best.” They might, but chances are they don’t. When you are both on the same page at every stage of the project, you’ll save a lot of time. One of the biggest voice actor bugbears in the business is a voice over project going back and forth due to mistakes in interpretation that could have been avoided on the first take.

It enables the voice actor to do a better job 

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Only if the voice actor truly understands can they deliver exactly what you are looking for. If you convey your expectations clearly, you can trust the talent you hired to do a great job. 

In any voice acting project, whether it is a commercial, a documentary, an animated film, etc., the voice actor is the one who carries the project. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your script is, or how impressive the direction is if the narration fails to convey the message.

It shows professionalism and mutual respect 

Don’t forget that how you communicate with the people you work with says a lot about your own professionalism.

Whether you’re speaking to the voice actor on the phone, via text, or email, do ensure you’re always respectful and professional. Reading that sentence you might be thinking that respect and professionalism follow as a matter of course, but trust us: they don’t always!

It is also important that there are no delays in your communication. Whether it is a detailed brief, the script, or any other important information you want to pass along, make sure you do it in a timely manner. After all, to give their best, voice actors need to prepare themselves thoroughly. 

It is essential for building long-lasting relationships 

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More and more businesses around the world are reliant on effective voice acting — especially for their marketing efforts. Since the top talents in the industry are inevitably busy, building a long-term relationship with the voice actor of your choice makes sense. A voice actor’s voice could well become your brand voice and you’ll need to brand voice to be available when needed. A good relationship will all but ensure that they’ll be available when you need them because they’ll make time to be so for you.

By communicating your needs and expectations clearly, being open and understanding, and nurturing and positive environment where collaboration is encouraged, you are bound to creating lasting relationships.

A last word…

Personalizing your communication can go a long way in showing your appreciation for the people you work with. It not only builds a professional relationship, but can even lead to worthwhile friendships.

Even something as simple as saying thank you can make a huge difference in the way you communicate. Effective communication will allow you to deliver the exact message you want to your audience. It ensures that everyone involved knows what to expect and what to do.