Brand your phone system with the best professional voice over

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No, seriously: if you want the business, go the extra mile and brand your phone system with the best professional voice over. It matters to your prospects. And prospects – and clients – who feel they’re looked after, become new customers and returning clients.

It really is that simple.

It’s also so straightforward, one can’t help wondering why phone systems are so often neglected, or – dare we say it – sound half-assed. For your business to get and stay ahead of the competition, service never stops.

If, however, you set up a phone system well, it’s minimal work, keeps the customers returning, and builds your brand. Make no mistake: the voice you use as part of your answering service of IVR is considered your brand voice by your customers or clients.

The job

First of all, a phone system’s job is to service your customers, even after hours. The difficult part is continuing that level of service after you’ve closed up shop. How can a phone system compare to your 5-star live service?

Well, it’s all relative. There are some obvious things a phone system can’t do, like fulfill orders or answer very specific questions.

But what it can do is preemptively service your customers at a basic level, welcome their interest, and maintain it.

Consequently, a phone system should give the basics, including your name, contact information, business hours, whether or not they can leave a message, and the best way to reach you. It should also thank them for the call and validate their interest.

Beyond that, it has to be interesting enough for them to stay on the line. This is where the professional voice over comes in.

Go pro

Professional voice over: image of a woman looking at a cellphone screen
Photo by Glen Anthony on Unsplash

Ever undertaken a DIY project and then, halfway through, realized a professional would have done it better?

We’ve all heard voice mails where you can hear the entire street block in the background, or the insignificant monotonous voice with a generic voicemail greeting. Either the people who made these voicemails don’t care about them, or they really don’t know how bad they are.

If the phone system is the face of your service when you’re not there, it’s worth hiring a professional voice actor, so you don’t end up in that situation. Professional voice actors have the skills and tools to make a phone system effective and engaging.

Want a bright and uplifting tone? Your voice actor has your back. What about a deeper voice with more gravitas? Your voice actor has your back.

The great thing about having a professional voice over is that it can sound amazing, and it can do that very important job of keeping your customers’ attention. You’ll need broadcast-quality audio if you want to have the best results — something a voice actor can provide.

It’s not just sound quality, it’s the emotional quality of the voice too. Professional voice actors have the chops to voice the exact emotion you’re looking for, meaning they’re the perfect tool for helping you relate to your customers and engage them properly.


So after the phone call, the interaction with your phone system voiced by a professional, your customer ends the call feeling satisfied.

“Wow, what a great, welcoming voice. And the branding was on point too!” they’ll say. “If we were to do a psychometric analysis and aural impact study of the tone…”

Okay maybe not.

Professional voice over: image of customer smiling
Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

Nevertheless, the subtle opinions one derives from a customer experience as simple as a phone system ends up molding their future experiences. Furthermore, a ‘small’ thing like a great voicemail actually lends a huge hand in upholding your branding.

When customers see that a business takes care of its branding down to its phone systems, that creates a good and lasting impression. It gives the impression of a committed business, one that’s serious about its values, a trustworthy contact, and one that cares about its customers.

Closing thoughts

Getting a professional voice over for your phone systems can really up your customer service and branding game.

After figuring out what to say, handing it off to a professional voice actor, you’ll end up amazed by how much a voice over can improve your customer service!

Looking for a voice actor for your phone system? Well, look no further than Voice123. You’ll find just about any voice-type you’re looking for, and with great ease.

And finally, may your phone system voice over be a customer magnet!