How to start your greatest podcast in 2021

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In case you landed on Voice123’s VoiceTalks blog and you ain’t a reg’lar, we discussed why it’s worth starting a great podcast in 2021 here. If you haven’t read that piece, we recommend you read it before this one. With that, enough said: let’s move on to how to start your greatest podcast in 2021.


Because it is 2021! Yay! So happy New Year – even if it’s masked and a little subdued…

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Nevertheless – as the saying goes: new year, new you. So why not a new podcast?

To be honest, 2020 set the bar fairly low, so let’s raise it this year, shall we?

Joking aside, the start of a new year is probably the busiest time of the year. And by busy, we mean people are planning, strategizing and executing new plans in all areas of their lives.

Consequently, about that podcast idea you’ve been sitting on…

Maybe you tried it before and it didn’t work like you were hoping. Maybe you ran out of steam. Whatever the case maybe, there’s no doubt that now’s a good time to pull your podcast idea off the garage shelf, dust it off, and shine it for 2021.

Let’s get you started — on how to start your greatest podcast in 2021.

Provide value

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When you think of podcasting, it’s easy to think about the popular, hard-hitting, investigative docu-dramas, or fictional stories that leave you at the edge of your kitchen sink while doing the dishes.

But your podcast doesn’t have to be as intriguing or storytelling like the Passenger List. Instead, it can be more thought-provoking and related to your business, like IdeaCast shares information about the inner workings of different professions.

Bottom line, your podcast can be about whatever you want it to be. As long as it provides value.  Because nobody is going to listen if you don’t provide value!

We bet there’s tons of value you’re prepared to offer. Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re practically brimming with value, such that it’s ready to spill over onto the masses. Great start!

Define yourself

Take note of exactly what value you’re trying to provide. 

What are you providing?

  • Professional insights
  • Expert opinions from guests
  • Entertainment and talk about recent events

Why are you launching a podcast? 

  • Build authority in the industry
  • Build an audience
  • Just for fun
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The search to define the podcast shouldn’t stop at these questions, it’s important to nail down what makes you stand out in the podcasting world.

For example, your podcast could be about creating the perfect toast, and interviewing chefs for their crazy toast recipes. You represent a toaster company.

Imagine, toasted sandwiches, but with peanut butter and mayonnaise inside. Or the legendary and controversial, dare we say it — avocado toast. Imagine the intrigue you could pull from toast and bread enthusiasts alike.

Soon you’ll have a regular audience who’s curious about the toast creations, and who will seek you as the go-to toast authority. That’s only possible because the value is clear, and you’ve defined your podcast.

Whatever your gig is going to be, it has to be concise, specific and targeted for your audience.

Decide on format

Nobody is going to listen to just you drone on about toast forever. So invite your guests, get them comfortable, and talk people’s ears off about toast. This is the interview format. People will eat it up.

Or maybe you’d prefer a co-host  — perhaps it’s your eccentric spouse who tolerates your wacky toast inventions. The dynamic duo of a co-hosted show is what balances out the podcast.

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There are a bunch of formats to suit your need, including:

  • Hosting solo
  • Co-hosting
  • Conducting interviews
  • Scripted (non)fiction
  • News recap

Pick whatever suits your topic best, and have fun with it!

A note on inviting guests and experts: the great thing about podcasts is their ability to take on a conversational and intimate tone. That’s very easily achieved by having experts or other voices on your show, having different perspectives, and drawing insights from them. 

One of the reasons people stick around podcasts is for that knowledge you can only get from a well-thought out conversation. Plus, it’s all natural and genuine speech!


Speaking of genuine and natural speech, consider using a professional voice over for your intro and outro of your podcast. Even though these segments are only seconds long, a professional voice actor can use those seconds to leave a huge impression on your podcast listeners. 

People listen to podcasts and expect top-quality audio. If you have a professional voice over opening and closing for you, it’s bound to create good impressions.

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More on that, a standard intro and outro can help your podcast develop a consistent brand image. A professional voice over can also be excellent for setting a tone and mood for your podcast, so look no further than Voice123‘s roster of exceptional voice actors!

In terms of podcast length, a podcast ought to be as long as you need to be, without rushing or redundantly elaborating for time. Stick to what’s right for your content. But if you need a ballpark number, the average podcast length is 43 minutes and 24 seconds.

Of course, you’ll need the necessary equipment. A good microphone (good doesn’t have to mean expensive), an audio interface if you select an XLR mic, and an audio editing software should set you well on your path.

There are plenty of resources online to find out more about equipment, but we’ll cover that in a forthcoming article.

But if you’ve got your equipment, know your value, define your podcast, and decide on how it’ll manifest, then you’ve got what you need to start your podcast.

Beyond that, we’re wishing you a very happy new year, and the best of luck on starting your greatest podcast in 2021!