Perfecting your professional podcast with top intros & outros

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Hello, again! So we’ve discussed the why’s and the how’s of starting your podcast series in 2021, and we’ve chatted about the tools of the trade. Now it’s time to discuss perfecting your professional podcast with top intros & outros! Just imagine:

Zip! Bam! Boom! Rhubarb-rhubarb-rhubarb. Pow!

55 minutes later, your podcast makes your audience go: “WOW!”

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Okay – so maybe your podcast won’t leave such a dramatic, fantastic impression; but while the content itself obviously matter, much depends on how you set up the style and tone of your podcast. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a great intro and outro. And trust us when we say that the best way to do that is to pull in the services of a real professional voice actor.


Actually, it’s pretty self-explanatory. A professionally recorded and produced podcast intro will radiate your values. A professional podcast will radiate your commitment to engaging content. It will radiate the respect you have for those who choose to dedicate their time to listening to your podcast.

Make sense?

It’ll also make your podcast stand out. You’ll cut through the clutter, because it’s not every podcast that has reflects a genuine level of committed professionalism. The trained voice of the right voice actor can make your podcast sound both engaging and compelling; it has tremendous emotional marketing value.

Yes: intros matter

Like any piece of content, the intro is going to determine whether or not your audience sticks around for your 40-minute podcast on anything from general news to niche interests.

So those first few minutes matter. In particular, the first 5 minutes matter. 27.5% of podcast listeners will give your podcast 5 minutes to make an impression before tuning out. Another 28.9% will give your podcast 15 minutes to hook them.

So you’ve got to do whatever you can to convince new listeners that your podcast is worth listening to. That it’s interesting and provides value. Why not consider using a professional voice over?

The art of the professional

Professional podcast: image of a voice actor in front of a microphone
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A professional voice over can be a really neat tool. Aside from expertly setting the mood and priming the audience for the juicy discussion to come, it also improves your presentation of the podcast.

Just about every other podcast has the hosts introducing themselves. But what about having a third-party introducing the podcast? Nothing else says “Woah – this stuff is official,” more than a professional voice introducing the mainstage.

Aside from a professional voice over, you’ll also want background music, and a rundown of what kind of value the intro to your professional podcast provides.

Picking music is something that’s up to individual tastes, some people spend hours on end searching for the right music to pair with their intro. But something that’s not too distracting, and pairs well with the emotion of your podcast will do well.

As for value, you’re going to want to let your audience know what your podcast is about, what the episode covers, and maybe even tease the best part of it. Who is the podcast for? What kind of problem does it solve? Those are questions your prospective listeners will want answers to.

Put together the voice over, music and value, and you’ve got yourself a great professional podcast intro.

Outros matter, too

It’s the end of your podcast episode and it’s gone really well. Maybe you’ve discovered the meaning of life and theorized what the world will look like post-pandemic.

But it’s time to wrap up and close the show. Which means saying goodbye to your audience. And if your podcast was good enough, there’s a chance they’ll show up for the next episode.

Professional podcast: image of two podcast hosts sharing a joke
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A well-made outro is crucial if you’re trying to maximize that chance. An outro is more than wishing people a good day, it’s also hooking them in for another round of your tantalizing podcast.

How do you make an outro so attractive? With a professional voice over.

After listening to the hosts of the podcasts go on about their interesting topic, it’s refreshing to hear that other, almost omniscient voice pop in again. It’s the same voice that was heard in the intro.

Both wrap-up and teaser

It’s the voice that neatly wraps up the contents of the podcast, throws in some thought-provoking questions, and teases the audience’s interest for following episodes.

Once again the other voice can elevate your presentation, like a charismatic MC hyping up the hosts and reminding the audience what a great time the show was. It’s one of those quality-of-life changes you can’t go without once you’ve had a taste of it.

Be sure to thank your listeners and leave a call-to-action (CTA). Maybe it can be to subscribe, or leave a comment about what you’ve discussed.

Final thoughts

People often listen to podcasts while doing something else. Which means honestly, sometimes they don’t have 100% of their focus on the middle of the podcast.

But they will be listening closely to that opening and closing. Just to see if it’s worth listening to, if it’s worth returning to, and if there’s anything better out there.

You won’t be able to please everyone, so no worries about making your intro and outro all-encompassing. But include a professional voice over, a catchy jingle, pack in that value, and you’ll be in tip-top shape.

With that said, we’re wishing you the best for your professional podcasting journey – and just in case we need to remind you: Voice123 has the best voice actors available. Find the right voice and make it happen!