Here’s how to best promote your business using voice overs!

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To say there’s a lot of competition and clutter strewn across the interwebs is an understatement. If you’re a business owner, there’s no doubt you constantly have to look for better and more innovative ways to let yourself be seen. But are you doing enough to let yourself be heard? A distinctive voice promoting your goods and services may be just what you need to cut through the cacophony. Here’s how to best promote your business using voice overs:

    1. Radio campaigns:

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This tried-and-tested route has become so passé in the global advertising psyche that many companies have stopped doing it. Don’t. Sure, there are alternative avenues but in many instances, radio still rules.

Hire a voice actor to promote your brand and reach new customers via the radio. Remember that a great many people opt to listen to the radio while commuting, dropping their kids at school, running daily errands, or simply wanting something to listen to while at home. If you think outside the box, write a killer script, and utilise the talent of a fine voice actor, the chances of your striking gold are way better than you might think.

    2. Voicemail services: 

If a radio commercial is beyond the scope of your budget/thinking, consider voice-mail. Voice actors are professionals who are trained to captivate, motivate, and call individuals to action. Consequently, there’s no reason why voicemail can’t be advantageous to you. An expertly crafted voicemail can capture and reflect your company’s personality. make your customers feel welcome and valued.

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    3. Internet/website promotional videos:

We all know the world is online. Now more than ever, consumers are watching internet video. Advertising online is far more affordable than TV advertisements. There are less constraints, too. Radio ads encourage fluidity; your online promo videos will be more accessible for customers to share.

    4. Apps:

There are many industries such as health and fitness, medicine, finance, and travel that would benefit from hiring professional voice actors to narrate sections of their apps. The demand for voiced assistance on apps to track calories, steps, and reminders is increasing by the day. 

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    5. eLearning:

Studies show that people retain information better when it’s presented by a professional voice actor. It’s well worth keeping in mind that voice actors don’t just read scripts; they also personify by providing character, personality, and the right intonation for your specific brand. A voice makes your brand much more relatable. With eLearning courses, professional presentation is essential.

    6. Gaming:

It’s a known fact that many of the more popular video game titles have development budgets that are similar to those of blockbuster movies. While these titles frequently use Hollywood celebrities to voice main characters, celebrity doesn’t define talent. Voice123 has a wide variety of voice actors who are well-versed in the art of sublime character acting. Many of them list some impressive titles and have samples on the profiles to prove it.

    7. Presentations:

Hiring a professional to record a voice over for your presentation can turn so-so into spectacular quicker than blinking. It also means you wouldn’t need to stand in front of your audience and narrate things yourself. Experience has shown that 9 times out of 10, a professional actor is worth the investment.

    8. Reach out and include others: 

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Voice acting offers you the ability to do what many companies are yet to do — reach out to the visually-impaired. By the same token, localising your videos by using the language of the target audience is by far the best way to grab their attention. Consider adding audio to your website for those who cannot see, and offering more than one language if you’re expanding your reach across the globe.

    9. In-store sales:

Having informative, upbeat, and friendly announcements in your store can go a long way to promote sales and remind shoppers of the specials you have on offer. Hiring a professional voice actor to create these messages will:

  • Lead customers to promotions in specific areas of your store, which they may have overlooked otherwise; 
  • Remind customers of deals they might otherwise forget, and 
  • Is guaranteed to increase sales! 

In conclusion:

Never forget that an experienced voice actor can enhance the quality of your products and services by imbuing them with character and personality. Humanizing your brand what you do will make it instantly more relatable for your target market, so to promote your business using voice overs is one of the best decisions you can make!

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