Why not consider hiring a newbie voice actor?

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If you’re thinking of hiring a voice actor to record ads for your business, why not consider hiring a newbie voice actor?

Okay — first, let’s provide some context.

Same old, same old

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There’s simply no denying it: voiceover work is an essential marketing tool. An engaging voice over by a talented voice actor can do so much for both your business and your brand! Trouble is, most of us are creatures of habit and because of this, clients across the board tend to gravitate towards a certain type of voice or even a specific voice actor.

The result?

Marketing ads start sounding the same: same voice, same style, same intonation, same vibe. Some voice actors end up getting used so frequently by such a wide range of different clients that the sameness becomes almost confusing — as well as irritating. Which kind of defeats the purpose of an advertisement; you want to draw people to your product or service, not frighten them away.

Hiring a newbie: a matter of choice

If there’s one thing online casting platforms like Voice123 have brought about, it’s choice. As a client, you instantly have access to literally thousands of voice actors — from grizzled veterans to youngsters who’ve yet to record their first commercial.

That said, the search for a talented and capable voice actor is rarely easy. Inevitably, the first thing you think of as a client is finding an experienced voice actor who knows what s/he’s doing because s/he’s spent enough time in the industry trenches learning to do it.

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Voice123’s customer success team has often had to field rhetorical questions from younger voice actors:

“Everybody wants experience. How can we become experienced if no one wants to give us a chance to gain experience?”


What’s also true is that every voice actor has a sell-by date – just like every other human being. Would it really be that much of a risk to hire a newbie for your next voice acting project? You may just have discovered the next Morgan Freeman. (You don’t want to know how many requests we get for soundalike voices!)

Several factors

There are several factors to take into consideration when looking to hire a voice actor. And yes, of course: industry experience is important. But is the best and most experienced voice actor the best choice for you and your business?

Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring a newbie for you to consider.


The lack of experience comes at a price, and for new voice actors, this means lower rates. One of the more obvious advantages of hiring a new voice talent lies in how affordable they are.

Voice actors with more experience know their worth, and their portfolio of work gives them the right to charge much higher rates, regardless of the size of the project.

A newbie wants to build their profile and portfolio. They’re more focused on finding opportunities than receiving a big paycheck. Hiring an inexperienced voice actor who has the right voice for your brand, product or service is a totally reasonable choice if you are on a smaller budget. Experience doesn’t necessarily mean an actor is truly talented. Voice123 has dozens of true talents with hardly any experience. All you need to do is spend a little time looking for them. We have one of the best search functionalities in the industry. Take it for a test run!


One overriding factor to look for when hiring a newbie is training. Voice acting is both an art and a craft and a newbie who has spent time and money on honing their craft is well worth considering. They’ll have demos on their Voice123 profile that instantly reveal the fact that they’ve been attending workshops or courses. They’ll also proudly list the courses and workshops they’ve attended. Look and listen carefully.

If a new voice actor’s profile lists impressive training from a renowned agency or school, there’s a good chance this newbie will perform well despite it being one of their first real voice over jobs.


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This is the second overriding factor. Good equipment is critical. The voice actor you choose needs to have equipment — hardware and software — that can produce professional results. While the real professionals will inevitably have the microphone, plugins, vocal chops, and editing skills to provide you with an outstanding product, so will the newbies who take their art and craft seriously. Don’t rely on demos. Ask for a custom audition and don’t settle for anything less than stellar.


Of course there are risks. You may end up wasting precious time. And money. The final result may fall far short of your expectations.

By the same token, however, the final result may be spectacular and your business may sail up into the stratosphere of success because you had your product or service sold to the world by a young and wonderfully refreshing voice that redefined the psychology of sale and led where others followed for years to come…

In conclusion

Don’t underestimate a newbie. Grizzled veterans may have the experience, but they’re set in their ways. Depending on your business, your product or service, or your brand, consider hiring a newbie voice actor.

Voice123 has them. All you need to do is book them.

Good luck!

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