The must-do’s of fantastic eLearning videos

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Yes, that’s right: not just eLearning videos, the must-do’s of fantastic eLearning videos. As a rule, eLearning videos are cost-effective, flexible, and accessible. They can, however, be deadly dull if you’re not careful. And they don’t need to be boring. At all.

Fantastic eLearning videos serve their primary purpose in so many ways. They do the job of getting your message across so much better. They’re more memorable. They’re likely to be watched more than once. And shared. Besides, now’s a good time. Why? So many people are in front of computer screens and other digital devices due to COVID-19! There’s a captive audience out there!

The key, of course, is keeping that audience captive. So how do you hold your audience’s attention? There’s a lot of stuff on the ‘Net competing for a viewer’s attention. You don’t want to bore them. Not ever. It could spell the end of your product or service if you do. Well, for some viewers anyway. So for an eLearning video to successfully do its job, it has to be fantastic.

Seriously. And we know we’re saying ‘fantastic’ a lot.

Best is, it’s not hard to create such eLearning videos.

Objectives and benefits

For example, start an eLearning video by stating its objective. Tell your viewers what they’ll gain from watching it. Tell them cleverly.

The objective could be to inform, divulge, or explain.

It’s nice to know what you’re in for when you start watching an e-learning video. After all, time is precious. Attention spans are limited. Hook ’em from the beginning so you can reel them in until the end!


Try to keep your video around 6 minutes in length. Studies show that after 6 minutes, attention to eLearning videos drops rapidly. It makes sense, too; one thing can only be so interesting for so long, right?

Don’t be afraid to take the time you need to get your information across. There’s no sense in rattling off an explainer if the information just flashes by like lightning.


Hello: meet storytelling. It matters. In fact, it’s the very backbone of sharing information. 

It’s been around since humans have existed. It still reigns supreme today. Whichever way you look at it, it’s lies at core of copywriting, successful advertising, even campaigning for the US presidency.

Fantastic eLearning videos: image of sign saying 'to be continued'...
Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash

You’ve seen the dramatic ways political ads paint a picture. They introduce a problem, introduce a character, and tell a story. 

Fantastic eLearning videos must leverage storytelling too. It may sound odd, but think of it this way:

Introduce a problem, introduce your solution (your product or service), and solve it.

This classic story arc is much more effective than just detailing the specifications of your product or service. 

Have you ever wanted to know how to find a water leak? Engaging storytelling and eLearning in one! The video also shows an animated person going through the necessary motions. That’s definitely a bonus. It makes any video more relatable.

A simple story arc is enough to keep an audience’s attention. But it won’t be enough to make your video a fantastically effective learning source. You’ll also need to really engage your audience.


Ideally, you want to find a way to let your audience feel like they’re participating as they learn.

This feeling of participation also feels like an investment of time. The audience is less likely to tune out before they get their return.

Engaging the audience can be as simple as posing a question at the beginning and answering it at the end. No, it doesn’t sound like much. But it’s enough to make them feel like they’re watching the video for a very worthwhile reason.


The great thing about video is that engagement can really open up with creative visuals and audio.

You want to make your eLearning video visually interesting. Not as distracting as a disco ball in a dark room…

A disco ball is going to reflect light everywhere. It’s pretty, and great for distractions, but not great for eLearning videos.

Fantastic clearing videos: image of laptop screen
Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

Unless the eLearning video is about disco balls.

Instead, you’ll want to be concise with your visuals. Try to align relevant visuals to what you’re talking about. Showing what you’re describing is a great way to help people retain information.

Consider using a storyboard to map out your visuals, audio, and information you’re providing. It can save a lot of time and guide the creation process.


Never neglect your audio. Because most eLearning videos use narration throughout, hire a professional voice actor. What’s more, you’re unlikely to find a wider selection of pro voice actors than those on Voice123

Believe us when we say that hiring a professional voice actor is less expensive than a failed eLearning video!

In conclusion…

A voice over also adds a strong human element to your e-learning video. That makes it instantly more relatable. Give the video personality! Give it flair and humor! The information is far more likely to stick.

Combine great visuals, high-quality narration, and storytelling techniques, and you’ll have fantastic eLearning videos in no time.

As a final word, never forget to have fun – and with that, we wish you the greatest success!