AI Voices are good for the voice over industry. Here’s why.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) voices have become an unavoidable thing. From a business perspective, they’re going to become an even bigger thing. The reason is simple: the online environment continues to demolish traditional advertising practices. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re a juggernaut. Especially when it comes to voice over, they’re a popular topic for debate. Some commentators believe AI voices are good for the voice over industry. Here’s why.

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Some context

Voice technology has become a big part of our lives. We listen to podcasts on our smartphones using Bluetooth earphones. Asking Alexa to turn on the lights in the livingroom is something we’ve started to do without even thinking. As is asking her to play the latest episode of our favorite show,

We listen to music when we’re jogging, and we listen to audiobooks when we’re commuting. AI voice is revolutionizing the way we live by adding more functionality and convenience than we could ever have imagined. It helps us reduce time and resources and boosts our productivity by leaps and bounds.

AI voices also help businesses cater to customers who are not native English speakers. This way, your brand’s reach widens as well. These are just a few of the reasons why AI Voices are good for the industry. To understand the real scope of this technology and identify its benefits, let’s dig a little deeper.

AI Voices for sonic branding

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Major players in the industry all predict that voice strategies will change after 2020. More businesses will invest time and effort in sonic branding. This is a marketing strategy using sound or voice to create brand recognition.

However, AI voices can help brands perfect their sonic branding strategy and come up with something particularly unique. It’s important to note that using an AI voice doesn’t mean that the voice over has to be robotic. In fact, according to a study by VoiceBot, 71% of consumers prefer a human-sounding AI voice. Go figure!

AI Voices for personable engagement

Customers often complain about companies being too impersonal, cold, and shrewd when conducting business. This makes customers feel like they aren’t valued and can significantly affect product sales.

Numerous businesses wish to make a difference, but aren’t able to since they can’t invest the required manpower. This is where AI voices can help.

Personalization is key if you’re looking to create a business that endures in the long run. Using AI voices isn’t very time-consuming and requires minimal effort on your side. They can thus help you create a more solid bonding with your target audience.

Whether it’s for ad campaign videos or customer support IVRs, an AI voice adds the right touch of automated help. They don’t have to sound robotic or impersonal. Engaging with your target audience this way will allow you to push higher conversions. You’re likely to generate more revenue than you otherwise would.

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AI Voices for multilingual customer interactions

Your capable and advanced customer support can be an excellent strategic differentiator between you and your competitors. It’s not necessary for your entire customer base to be English.

If your company is growing and catering to customers around the world, let them interact in their native language. This type of business localization is crucial not just for your customer support outreach but your business as a whole. 

Your customers might need support in any given language. It might not be possible for you to hire customer support employees who speak multiple languages. AI voices can be your saving grace. You can pre-set automated response messages in a host of languages as IVRs. Such automation will take care of most problems that might arise.

What’s more, you can extend the same multilingual support to your website. AI voices can be used to prepare audio blogs or voice overs for product videos in any language you wish. This further boosts engagement from customers who do not speak English well.

Final thoughts

Voice search and voice assistants have already taken the world by storm. People are increasingly looking to add ease and convenience to their lives. They don’t want companies to make any more excuses regarding their localization efforts. AI voices can help businesses fill gaps in their operations and further solidify their market presence.

Consequently, putting in the effort and providing these language functionalities might turn you into a market leader. Organizations must seek any opportunity they have in the AI voices space and tap into the potential of this technology.

So, yes: AI voices are good for the voice over industry. Get out there and make it happen for your business!