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Sonic branding: how to give your product a fantastic voice!


The voice and sound you use to represent your product in the market and on the Web is also the voice of your brand. Sonic or audio branding reflects your brand’s identity, personality, mission, values, and vision. It helps the audience identify how your product or service is different from your competitors’.

sonic branding: book and keyboard
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Consequently, how your audience perceives and interprets your message depends heavily on the tone of voice you use. Be it your website copy, a product description, social media posts, newsletters, promotional videos, or ads, the tone of your voice influences image perception with your target audience.

According to Semrush, 65% of customers connect emotionally with brands that make them feel the company cares for them.

This is where Sonic branding comes into the picture.

What is Sonic branding?

Branding refers to a marketing practice in which a business creates a name or symbol that is easily identifiable as belonging to that company.

Sonic branding is when you use a particular sound to achieve the same purpose. You could either use a particular musical instrument to produce this sound or use a professional voice actor. Sonic branding extends into your company videos where you talk about your company culture or your product advertisement videos.

Nowadays, sonic branding is a powerful tool. It can help the audience set you apart from your competitors and decide for themselves how you are better. You wouldn’t need to say it out loud yourself.

Sonic branding is a relatively new concept in the industry. However, the emergence of high-level voice technology and the excellence of professional voice actors have led many brands to experiment with sonic branding and also harness its benefits.

Visa, for example, an American multinational financial services corporation, spent over a year perfecting a sound that had a duration of less than a second. This sound represents ‘speed and convenience’. Consumer Research concluded that 83% of respondents said this sonic branding ‘positively impacted’ their perception of the Visa brand.

Who can define the tone of your voice?

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Now that we know that the tone of your voice can make or break your brand’s image, the natural question arises – who can define this tone of voice? If you are looking to use this tone of voice in your company’s ads, promotional videos, etc., you need to look for a professional voice actor. A voice actor can help you determine the nature of the tone that would work best for your business.

Identify your target audience and identify what works best for them. Prepare buyers personas for your target audience and experiment with which tone of voice they respond to the best. Do they like a caring tone or a funny one? Does broaching the topic seriously work for them or do they want you to make the voice careless? A joint IBM and Econsultancy report suggested that 56% of customers find communication from most brands irrelevant. With such high figures insight, you must zero in on a tone of voice that your audience relates to the most.

When all this information is relayed to the voice actor, they can decide on a pitch, tone, pace, and accent for the voice over that will suit your requirements and work in perfect sync with your brand’s voice.

Ask your customers to help you in finding your voice

The best voice over and the best voice actor won’t be able to do wonders for you if you do not ask your customers to help you as well. Your audience can help you understand how they perceive your brand. The simplest way to go about this is to ask them to describe your brand or product using three adjectives on social media. If you are happy with the feedback, model your voice actor to deliver you results that align with it. If you see that your perception is the market is different from what you wished, work on developing a tone of voice that would tackle that problem.

Key elements to pay attention to in the voice over

To make sure that you are clearing every corner and not missing out on any technicality, here are the key elements you need to pay attention to.

  • Values
  • Pace
  • Volume

To narrow it down further, consider the four basic choices and choose what you wish to represent your brand.

  • Formal vs casual
  • Funny vs serious
  • Respectful vs irreverent
  • Enthusiastic vs matter-of-fact

In closing

Even though it is a time taking process, sonic branding can help you revolutionize the way your consumers perceive your brand. Do research, find out the key elements that define your brand’s voice, hire a professional voice actor to do the voice over, and watch how the way your audience interacts with your brand changes.

Invest in the process of sonic branding and tap into its power to influence your target consumers!

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