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Why it’s worth starting a great podcast in 2021

First of all, let’s agree on something: we’d all like a refund for 2020. With that out of the way and with 2021 beckoning, how about considering something worth doing as we settle into a new normal? Like a podcast. Why? Because it’s worth starting a great podcast in 2021.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it?

Maybe you haven’t.

In which case, maybe you should. So let’s offer you some podcasting tips.

Podcasting is hugely popular and there’s no better time to get on the bandwagon.

Podcasting is an excellent way to build an audience, improve your branding, and build your network.

You might just find it’s the tool you’ve been looking for to help get you back into the thick of doing awesome business.

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Build an audience

It’s not hard to figure out why podcasting is booming. With the pandemic forcing people into their own homes, isolating them with family members, Netflix, DIY projects, and so on, you can bet they’ve been talking into podcasting mics too.

Let’s take a look at some numbers.

Slate (the publication) has covid-related podcasts. They’ve received more than 4 million downloads. Meanwhile, Vox Media says its podcasts have been downloaded 50% more than usual, with casual news podcasts like Today, Explained, being especially popular.

It seems that being at home so frequently has made people search for more content. And while people don’t necessarily have the time to sit down for an 8-minute video or article, it’s easy to plug into the podcast and do something that requires little mental energy – like washing the dishes, or folding the laundry.

It also seems like podcasting is a great way to hold an audience’s attention. After all, over 90% of podcast listening is done at home, and guess what, everyone is at home these days.

So while you may not necessarily be a big media outlet that can produce top-quality podcasts, people are still looking for industry-specific information to consume. 

And depending on your expertise, you might be able to podcast something high in demand, and low in supply – the perfect recipe for attracting an audience.


What better way to develop a tone and personality for your business, than with a podcast? Podcast examples abound – as do podcasting templates.

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Think about it. Podcasts are conversational, easily digestible, interesting (hopefully), and can be an amazing tool for exploring deeper levels of thought.

With a podcast, people can see what your business cares about, what it talks about, what its opinions are, and they can also see what you’re giving to them. 

How does your brand like to speak? What kind of language does it use? What’s the tone of the podcast, and therefore the brand?

As you can see, starting a podcast can be a useful tool to show your brand’s voice. Literally! With no other media in a podcast, save for sounds and music, podcasting makes your listener home in on what you’re saying, and connects them to your voice.

Here’s a perfect opportunity to use a professional voice over. There’s nothing like the ability of a human voice to connect to another person. Hiring a professional ensures your brand’s voice will be just as you want it, and will give your brand a trustworthy and relatable face.

It could be just for the intro and outro, but if done right, a few seconds of a professional voice over can reel in your audience, and strengthen your brand’s voice.


Podcasting usually takes on industry-specific information. People listen to them because that’s where they can find insider and expert opinions.

Which means, if you’re to start a podcast, you’re likely going to have guests on board. And that’s perfect for networking.

Building relationships is priceless in business, and podcasting provides a great reason for experts to collaborate with you, and for you to reach out to them. Then the audience grows, you win, and your guest wins. Who doesn’t love a win-win?

It actually goes back to building an audience too. Who knows, maybe you can get a super fabulous guest on your podcast, and maybe their devoted followers can see value in what you provide.

Final thoughts

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Everybody is working through blood, sweat and tears, trying to make their brand stick out in the marketplace.

The thing is, to be noticed, you have to speak out. And if you’ve got something to say — something the audience needs to hear — consider starting a podcast.

So come 2021, you can share your voice, build an audience, develop your brand, network, and provide value, all in a neat package called a podcast.

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May you launch into a great podcast in 2021!


Listen to voice over samples, for free

Listen to voice over samples, for free