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If you are looking for voice over actors for your recording project, Voice123 can help you find them through a quick and easy process. Voice123 is the new and best way to manage your voice over casting calls online. You don't have to be a professional in the voice over industry to find the best voice over talents. Just post voice over jobs on our site, start receiving replies in a matter of minutes, and choose the voice or voices that you prefer for your recording projects. You can even ask voice over talents to reply to your voice over jobs with custom voice over demos and price quotes. Our voice over talents deliver professional work in record time since many of them own recording studios and are very experienced in any type of voice over work. At Voice123, you will be able to post voice over jobs and get replies for projects in almost any language and location worldwide. You can reach voice over talents located in several countries around the world who are ready to reply to your voice over job offers. Experience a new way to find and hire voice over talents with Voice123.

Professional voice over actors looking for voice over jobs find in Voice123 a tool to reach and get in contact with thousands of voice over talent seekers who post voice over jobs daily on our site. Voice123 has the largest professional voice over marketplace and is currently the most important source of voices for many companies, producers, and directors. Our service offers you a simple and reliable way to promote your voice over services and reach clients in search of voice over actors for their recording projects. When joining Voice123, you will create an online voice over profile, where you will be able to add your picture and voice over demos. A website address will be assigned to you, and this will be your main marketing tool to advertise yourself online and find voice over jobs. Become a Voice123 talent and start experiencing a new way to find voice over jobs easy and fast.

"Voice123 should be rated as the most functional and useful sites on the ENTIRE internet. No joke.! I was able to submit a script, get back 8 auditions, and select the Voice Actor in less than 2 hours. I will NEVER use anyone else but Voice123!"
Robert Walker
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The following talents may also fit your voice over jobs needs:

Kara Noble - voice over jobs
Kara Noble
I have been helpful to clients needing script editing. I work with a male American partner for some jobs. I have a vacation rentals company called Noble Apartments - which means I sometimes travel to Costa Rica, France and more frequently, London. I have connections and friends with voice over studios all over the world. I travel with my computer recording set-up in order to do voice over jobs and voiceover work anywhere! I am a truely international voice talent. I enjoy yoga, spas, cars, restaurants, Modern Family, Red Vines and beaches. (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Ron Reid - voice over jobs
Ron Reid
...voice over jobs. Voice123 helps voice actors advertise their voice and increase their online exposure thanks to leading-edge online marketing techniques. Voice123 voice overs have an online profile that includes their resume information and showcases voiceover demos. Talents can audition online to voiceover projects posted by voiceover talent seekers every day. (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Mike Shepherd
...Television, Michigan Lottery, General Dynamics, Marathon Oil, Kellogg’s, NASCAR, P&G, scores more. Station / affiliate imaging. A distinctive voice talent that works for major market, regional, national radio, TV, syndication documentary and short or long-form broadcast and cable production. ISDN, internet, same-day or overnight delivery of voice over jobs. Give those same old tired voices a rest. Mike Shepherd gives you a fresh alternative. A versatile, experienced pro for compelling, "impact" voiceover and narration that brings your words and vision to life. Get added-value with a versatile, fresh, unsaturated market-exclusive voice actor that's yours alone, for maximum impact. Commercial,... (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Roger Baker - voice over jobs
Roger Baker
...presentations and on hold messages. Clients and listeners have described his voice as warm, real, smooth and engaging. Moreover, Roger has the flexibility to do various voice over jobs, ranging from soft and medium sell spots to dynamic commercials. He can be warm, friendly, thoughtful and reflective, with the ability to record a narration that projects... ...able to create any type of custom background music for your voice over jobs, or for documentaries and on hold messaging, and stands ready to bring his multiple talents to your project. (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Naomi Mercer - voice over jobs
Naomi Mercer
Naomi Mercer has been a working voice over actor for 9 years and has been doing it full time since 2008. Since a lot of the voice over jobs she does are only one-day gigs, her resume is long but here is a partial list of her bookings: The Bletchley Circle promos - PBS Intel How-to videos - Intel Crest Whitestrips, Crest 3D White and Gillette Venus internal videos... (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Viviana Estrada - voice over jobs
Viviana Estrada
...company. I've made dubbing jobs for movies and series in french, english, italian, japanese, czech, among others, for a lot kinds of characters: kids (girls and boys), teenagers (girls), female young adults and cartoons. I specially love performing cartoon characters. I started in 2010 and I still make voices for that company. I've also made voice over jobs for independent projects: - "Susy" - Internet Sano, for Ministerio de Telecomunicaciones (Colombia). TV commercial (2010) - Simón el Bobito. A Universidad de los Andes' project. Audiobook. (2011) - Linkofertas.com. Commercial (2013) - AlmaShopping.com. Commercial (2013) - Training for the FNG (Fondo Nacional de Garantías)(2013) - Diary Florida... (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Kaye Lake - voice over jobs
Kaye Lake
20 plus years of radio, television, and voice over experience. Whether it's something to tell, or something to sell, I'll make it happen. Voice over jobs from Corporate DVD's to Radio and Television Commercials, Industrials and Voicemail Greetings. Jobs from Voice123.com include Radio PSA's for The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Education Quest Foundation Radio Spot & a website narration for Maryland's Howard County Economic Development. (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Christine Lemor-Drake - voice over jobs
Christine Lemor-Drake
...later, visiting a friend who was a monk in a monastery, I was asked to record the Voice of a sexy spy... Then, nothing until I had a workshop for Voice over for translators and Interpreters. Then, in 2003, when I started my business Apple to Pomme, friends would tell me about auditions for French in various studios in the Bay Area. I got a few voice over jobs, among which an internal video for Cisco about WebEx, in French, recorded in San Francisco. In 2011, a presentation by Maya Leon about voice over for translators convinced me to take classes. I made a narration demo with Elaine Clark. In October 2013, Sarah Kliban sent me a VO Craiglist job for an artist, George Pfau. I got the job. The video is... (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Tanya  Johnson - voice over jobs
Tanya Johnson
...a voice mail for an Atlanta-based company, and am currently looking to branch out into many different types of voice over opportunities. As a health communications specialist, I am an excellent writer and editor, and can bring these skills to voice over jobs, if desired. Thank you for reading about my recent voice over experience. I hope to work with you soon. (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Trevor Griffin - voice over jobs
Trevor Griffin
...extra editor on many of my previous Voice Over jobs. Having bartended at several establishments ranging from clubs, to upscale lounges to four star hotels, I have interacted with many different types of customers and know how to talk to different demographics. I have worked several sales jobs and am coached up in the art of sales, a skill I have found most useful. (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Jack Pollard - voice over jobs
Jack Pollard
I have been on stage as an entertainer for 40 years. I am an excellent bass/bariton vocalist and have also done extensive work as a master of ceremonies. Recent voice over jobs: animated character for pod cast commercial, Chicago Ill. Political commercial, Birmingham, AL Southern Oven Baking on hold message,Company-message for voice mail ,voice mail greetings and... (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Dave Simmons - voice over jobs
Dave Simmons
After I graduated from Broadcast school, I worked locally in Pennsylvania radio. and in 5 years, went to work for ABC at WRIF and later, Westinghouse at WLLZ radio in Detroit as Production Director. I wrote and produced spots and presentations as well as branching out into freelance voice over work very early on. Voice over jobs very quickly became my dominant income and I left radio in the early '90's. I voice coached for ten years as well. I now do voice over work all over the world. (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Dawn Bird - voice over jobs
Dawn Bird
...to take classes/workshops to learn more about it and to enhance my abilities. I finally landed a spot on TCT Ministries to do a voice over for a Christian Commercial and continued to take more classes. Eventually work was getting in the way of what I really wanted, so I quit my job to pursue this avenue full-time & have landed several voice over jobs since then. (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Trace Zheng - voice over jobs
Trace Zheng
I currently working as a radio advertising producer for a Mandarin radio media network company in San Francisco Bay Area. I can deliver voice over jobs, also can help guide other Mandarin talents finish the voice over job. Besides, I can deliver radio advertising projects. Find Mandarin voice over talents and guide them finish the voice over part. Music mixing for the radio commercial and all kinds of video production. (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Jodina St John - voice over jobs
Jodina St John
CO OWNER OF JON ST. JOHN PRODUCTION, INC. an audio production company providing everything from copywriting to voice over to production services. www.jsjprod.com Most recent voice over jobs include: VO for Fox 6 San Diego, Wadsworth Publishing and Leap Frog (educational materials), SDG&E message on hold, radio imaging - KPND. In addition her most recent Television commerical is for Alladin Bail Bonds which is airing in California. You will recognize her as the concerned mother. To see and hear more of her work go to www.jsjprod.com (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Jenny Kurpil - voice over jobs
Jenny Kurpil
For commercials, I specialize in three characters types: The warm, nurturing, friendly mom type. The smart, trustworthy, direct and knowledgeable professional type. The fun, sassy, sexy, upbeat, everyone wants to be her friend girl type. Narrations are smooth and smart, very honest, no announcing. Very real and compelling. Presentations/Business voice over jobs are a great fit for me due to my Midwestern upbringing (I have no accent) and my personal experience in business. Clean, direct, easy to understand. Knowledgeable and simple. Engaging. Energetic. Bonus: singing!! (click here to see/hear talent's profile)
Ana Viñuela - voice over jobs
Ana Viñuela
I have more than 7 years of experience in voice over jobs. Nowadays I work as a freelance voice talent, working with many radios, televisions, production companies, etc. I have my own recording studio. At the same time I develop my creative interests as singer in the pop band "el patio de tu casa". I worked for two years in SER Gijón, presenting the weekend radio... (click here to see/hear talent's profile)

The following posted projects are related to voice over jobs:

Commercials. English - British. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
Hello. We're looking for a female voice talent with a natural english (British) accent to become our voice. Voice needs to be adult, friendly and educated. We are looking to establish an ongoing relationship with a professional for future voice over jobs. Voiceover jobs will include; commercials (voice over for radio and TV), on hold recordings and traning materials. Our current needs will be for sell on hold recordings and some radio and TV ads. Scripts will vary. Budget will vary depending upon needs. Talent needs to be able to provide high quality wav files on CD although we can email as well. Thank you for your time, Jeff Barson Surface Medical Spas
Promos. English - USA and Canada. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
Character Voiceover Actors Please Respond BUDGET: CHOSEN AUDITIONS WILL RECEIVE ; FOLLOW DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY. SOME UNITS NEED MALE AND FEMALE RECORDED. AUDIO SHOULD BE RECORDED WITH THE BEST FIDELITY SO THAT WE CAN UNDERSTAND THE QUALITY WE CAN EXPECT FOR THE FINAL VOICE OVER JOBS. *Read each line as if you would say it naturally *Record each character into separate files and place in a compressed zip file under the characters name *We need a unique sounding voice for each character to avoid repetitiveness, if you can emulate more than one voice, please do so, you will be compensated for each character.
Commercials. English - Australian. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
I mix cheerleading music for teams all over the country. I am looking for a cool voice over person, I would like 1 male and 1 female. I need very short little "team name" voice overs and sayings. If I find someone who does a good voice over job at a reasonable price, I will have several ongoing voice over jobs. Please listen to the samples of the voice over that have been done over top of the music. You could simply send the voice job over email and I would mix it into the music.
Audiobooks. Arabic. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
...- Be able to record at our studios in Englewood Cliffs, NJ OR have your own ISDN/CODEC capabilities for live digital transmission of recording sessions. We do not pay for travel expenses or for studio or ISDN charges. - Be available to work during east coast business hours. - Provide proof that you are legally able to work in the United States - Voice over jobs are non-union. Pay is $200 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour - Have a cell phone so that we may easily reach you. This audition will be a 2-step process. In Step 1 you will record a short script and email it to us as an MP3. In Step 2 we will audition you live at voice over or over your ISDN / Codec. This is an unpaid audition....
Audiobooks. English - USA and Canada. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
...to medium sell. There would be a total of 3 voice over jobs meeting this same criteria - delivered in increments as we convert the company over to this new model. Would like the audio files to be delivered via the internet if possible - mp3 or wav files. Please provide cost estimates with your reply. Thank you for your time, and look forward to hearing from you.
Training, business presentations, sales, and web sites. English - USA and Canada. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
...both get paid if and when the client likes the commercial and buys it. This person (or these people) will be my first choice when paying voice over jobs come in. I'll furnish the script - you'll need your own high-quality digital voiceover recording equipment. I can use MP3 or .wav files. Please contact me with voiceover demo if interested in the voiceover job.
Promos. English - USA and Canada. Female Voice. ...
We need transcription and translation from Hebrew to English of a two hour tape. The voice over job may also include recording the translated script in English. Please provide pricing for a) the transcription and translation and b) the voice over recording (the same person should do both voice over jobs).
Commercials. Spanish - ANY. Male Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
...and taunts (from "Hi", "My name is", "Eat my shorts !", "Medic !", "Arrgghh !", to name a few of them. Delivery period: before 30th April 2006. Our project needed at least 6 men and 7 women. Using Voice123, we could record 5 men and 7 women already. We hereby make use of the occasion to thank all voice talents who previously applied for the voice over jobs. So we are currently looking for 1 male voice talent to be the voice of our game character Benjamin who speaks English with a Spanish dialect. If you are interested to help us, please reply to this post. Voices can be recorded in our studio if you live in Miami, but of course we accept that you make your own recordings (in WAV-format) too (however...
Commercials. English - British. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
Young to middle age female, British accent for a 30 second voice over flash commercial to be placed on a web site. This is for a (Currency) trading company. Thus we are looking for a confident, professional voice with that wonderful British accent. We desire a British accent as this is the largest market for the Forex industry. This will be the first of many similar voice over jobs (about 30 more similar to this task) for product demonstrations, commercials, website product tour narration and phone messages. Thank You,
Commercials. English - USA and Canada. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
Looking for an adult female voice over for television who can deliver warmth and personality...a liitle flair for this restaurant...need a storyteller not a DJ - type voice. For Tourist Information television only...a :30 piece of copy that does NOT have to be exact...take your time, tell the story. We're looking for a unique voice to use throughout the year. mp3 audio deliverd to me is fine; I have another long review but I would like to hear this first. The two voice over jobs could be as much as $400.
Audiobooks. Japanese. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
I need a Japanese speaking voiceover acting talent that has a bit of time on their hands, and is ready for an intermittent long term project. The voice over job consists of an initial large job, and then subsequent short voice over jobs. The pay is a one time fee for all work completed. The voice segments will be used on the Internet and in the wireless market....
Commercials. English - USA and Canada. Male Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
...along with the artist. For a few intros you WOULD NEED to provide extra details about the artist / song. The ideal candidate should be very familiar with Christian music and be a practicing Christian. We are a Southern New Jersey radio location located near Philadelphia and as such, if chosen you can use us as great reference for other potential voice over jobs. Give your best price for producing these 350 spots Please note: We would also want you to do a few station IDs, possible PSAs and maybe a few dry read 30 seconds ads. Please include your phone number and any other relevant info that could help us in our decision. If you would do a demo ad that we might consider using on the air, mention it and we...
Commercials. English - USA and Canada. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
Two voice over jobs at hand. 1) Scottish Sean Connery sound for a 5 page script to be used in audio / video promotional advertisements. Each section can be broken down into editable sound bite for diffrent scructured segments 2) Phone Mail Welcome and direction to extensions- This should have a very attractive / seductive sound but script is professional
Audiobooks. Spanish - ANY. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
...store is calling. We typically have messages 30 - 40 seconds in length and sometimes need them turned around within a few hours. Our rates vary due to the types of voice over jobs / length and will be finalized once you have been chosen during and are in the contract phase. We have our own recording system for messages and all you will need is a land phone line.
Promos. English - USA and Canada. ...
...Only serious applicants who desire to go long term with LanChester's News Leader should submit auditions. You will need submit additional materials if offered a position. Again this is a long term position. Those who apply, and do not get this position may be offered other voice over jobs. Advanced thanks and much appreciation for all of your time and efforts.
Commercials. English - USA and Canada. Female Voice. Young Adult. SAG (US). ...
...120 us dollars hoping to raise some more, so if possible could you send me some demos of the above with a price for the voice over jobs please. many thanks for your time and i hope to hear from you soon. the voice i want is a middle age woman and the delivery of the file to be sent via e-mail as mp3. once again my budget is about $120 us dollars or £90 uk pounds.
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