Need More Voice Over Jobs? Join Voice123

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Voice123 is a tool that connects voice over artists with producers that are offering voice over jobs. You may be thinking, “how do I get voice over work?” You’re in luck: we specialize in jobs in voice over work. Here are our best tips for finding voice acting jobs on Voice123.

  1. Create a complete profile. Your profile is the center of your marketing campaign on Voice123. Make sure it is completely filled out with important details, like your age, years of experience, accents, etc. Upload a professional, attractive headshot and include a diverse set of demos that demonstrate your range.

  2. Take advantage of premium membership. Because Voice123 has an automated casting system called SmartCast, you’ll get invitations to audition for jobs based on the criteria the producer is searching for. Without this feature, you can still use Voice123, but you’ll maximize your audition invites by getting a premium membership.

  3. Be picky about what you audition for. It’s really important to choose auditions that are the perfect fit for your skill set. This keeps you from wasting both the producer’s time and your own. It also helps you keep your Audition Ranking Score high, because you’re only choosing auditions that you would be a good candidate for. Furthermore, you’ll get invited to more auditions total because Smartcast spreads out its auditions invites equally amongst the talent pool that matches the criteria.

  4. Specialize. You can see who is competing with you on the same criteria. Choose specializations where there is less competition but still a good number of opportunities.

  5. Audition regularly. While it’s important to be choosy about what you audition for, you will have a better chance at landing jobs the more you audition. Auditioning regularly also gives you the added advantage of purposefully practicing and staying sharp on a daily or weekly basis. Of course, you’ll have to find the right balance for your career, but members that audition regularly get more jobs, period.

  6. Audition according to your skill level. There is a wide range of voice over work listed on Voice123. Choose how you value your work beforehand and stick to your prices. Don’t audition for anything outside of your range, because taking jobs at a lower rate than you want may cause resentment. Additionally, don’t aim for jobs that you have too little experience for. Be honest with yourself about your skill level and don’t waste your time chasing jobs that aren’t a good fit.

  7. Connect with others in the industry. We have voice over agents who use our site to find talent, so don’t ignore the opportunities to connect with your fellow talent or other industry professionals who may be able to help you find work. There are tons of benefits to becoming a premium member of Voice123. Consider the membership an investment in your career from an all-around perspective, in terms of getting more experience, landing more jobs, connecting with more industry contacts, and improving your craft.

  8. Keep improving your skillset. Voice123 offers a Resource Center with tons of training content that will help you navigate your career in this industry.

Jobs in voice over are not always easy to come by, but Voice123 has been around for a while and we continue to see our members succeed in building their careers through opportunities they find on our website. Keep working, implementing the tips we’ve shared above, and pushing through the challenges you encounter, and you will see success with finding more voice over work on Voice123.