Finding Voice Over Auditions

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You’ve honed your skills, built your home studio, practiced your craft, and landed several jobs. You are a professional voice over artist, but you’re having trouble finding more auditions to balance out your income.

You’ve exhausted your industry contacts and you are still trying to establish your brand and reputation. So how do you find voice over auditions when producers are not inviting you to their voice over castings?

It’s simple. You need a way to see and filter all of the voice over auditions out there on one place, using one tool. If you were to take on this monumental task on your own, you would have trouble locating auditions in a timely matter and sorting through them to figure out which ones are relevant to you. Voice123 offers this tool to its members so you can see the various auditions available worldwide and find jobs that you can submit your audition files to.

In addition to some of Voice123’s other benefits, like custom online profiles, inclusion in voice talent searches, and access to the voice over Resource Center, which provides training and online forums, Voice123 also sends its premium members a daily notification, which includes:

  • New voice over projects that are available to apply for

  • Opportunity to submit an audition

  • Ability to set the price in your bid at what you’re worth

  • A chance to get your voice talent widely promoted worldwide

  • Consideration for projects posted by important companies that reach large audiences

Also, because Voice123 easily has the largest voice over database in the industry, you’ll know about the best auditions first. The kinds of auditions you can get at Voice123 include:

  • Commercial Auditions – including television commercials, radio spots, promotional trailers, internet commercials, movie trailers, infomercials

  • Narrator/Performer Auditions – including audiobooks, podcasts, television, animation, movies, documentaries, videogames, translations (dubbing)

  • Corporate Auditions – including training videos, corporate videos, corporate presentations, voice messaging systems (voicemail, phone, and on hold messages), interactive voice response (IVR)

  • Singing Auditions – jingles, songs

  • Online Media Auditions – podcasting, audio for websites, online videos

  • Live Content Auditions – live announcers, spokespeople

  • Recording Auditions – adult content recordings, on-camera recordings

As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities listed in a single spot that’s easy to filter by category, project budget, and talent level. And these audition categories are not even the full list, as Voice123 is constantly expanding its opportunities into new markets.

When you join Voice123, you’ll never have to wonder about finding voice over auditions again, because you’ll be marketing yourself with your Voice123 profile, you’ll be available in search results for clients matching on specific criteria, and you’ll get relevant voice over auditions sent to your inbox every day. Good luck and happy auditioning!