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Perspectives of the Heart Audiobook 
I want to create an audiobook version of my fiction novel Perspectives of the Heart.
2011-12-30 14:26:52 GMT
2012-01-03 23:16:00 (GMT -05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) 
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Project Parameters

The Voice Actor should be located in:
Student or Non-for-profit student project - USD 600
approximately 180 pages
English - USA and Canada
Middle Age Male
• Audio files must be delivered via email
• Deliver edited and finished voice tracks
The Voice Actor should have at least 5 years of experience in the voice industry.
The voice seeker is willing to hire either union or non-union talents for this project

Script Details

Please read a sample of the script. 
The plane ride back to San Francisco was, thankfully,
uneventful. Alex and Casey went to her house, to share the news with Garson. She was concerned for his reaction, but
was still reveling in her happiness.
Garson was sleeping when they arrived. They'd taken a
red-eye out of New York, and it was still very early on
the West Coast. They dragged themselves up to Alex's
room, and went to sleep holding each other close. She
stared lazily at her ring as she fell asleep.
The phone rang, waking her up. Garson answered it before she
had a chance to. She hadn't slept so well and so heavy
in ages. She didn’t even hear Casey leave. He left her
a sweet note, asking her to call him on his cell phone
when she woke up. He wanted to go home and take
care of some things. She laid there and looked around
her bedroom, an image of her life circling her. She
stared at all of her things, the inanimate objects that
symbolized familiarity and comfort. She would soon
be leaving the comfort of the home that she made for
herself so many years before. She looked back on her
life to when she was still just a kid at eighteen, losing
her parents and inheriting a house from an aunt she
never knew, on the other side of the country. So young,
so naive, she got up out of bed and looked at herself in
the mirror. The person that stared back at her was the
memory of the young girl she was when she first stared
into that mirror many, many years before. She looked
down at the beautiful ring, the girl in the mirror wore,
the ring from Casey. Again, she felt a flutter in her
stomach bringing her back to the present day image of
herself in the mirror. Suddenly, she heard a crash from
downstairs, shaking her from her reverie. She hurried
downstairs to find a set of unfortunate sunny side up
eggs, splattered on the floor. A very angry and
frustrated Garson sprawled on the floor next to them.
He tried to get up, but his legs failed him. He was still
confined to crutches and leg braces that he refused to
As he struggled Alex rushed to help him. “No!” he
shouted, “I’ve got to do it myself. You're not always
going to be here to help me when this happens.”
Hurt by the sting of his words, she stepped away from
him. Unable to watch him struggle, she left the kitchen.
He finally managed to get himself up off the floor and
onto the chair. He regretted yelling at her, and called
for her. She returned to the kitchen, feeling hurt and
concerned. She hated seeing him that way.
“I’m sorry, it's not you Alex. I’m just feeling a little
sorry for myself these days, and now I have no
breakfast,” Garson apologized, pointing at the mess on
the floor.
“Garson, I’ve made the decision not to move out until
you’re better. I couldn't possibly leave you like this.”
“Alex, don't be ridiculous. I’ll be fine. My father’s
offered to hire me a nurse, and if I need one, I'll take
him up on it. There is no way I'm letting you use me as
an excuse to not move in with Casey.”
“Hey, that's not fair. Honestly Garson, that has
absolutely nothing to do with it. You need someone
here with you, and it should be me. It’s the only thing
that makes sense. Your dad shouldn't have to hire a
nurse for you. Casey will understand, especially now.”
She was anxious, but nervous, to tell Garson of hers and
Casey's engagement. “Something happened this
She extended her hand so he could see the ring Casey
had given her. Garson's face went gray, his heart sank.
He knew deep down that this would happen eventually,
but hadn't prepared himself for the emotions he was
“Alex, that's incredible. Way to go Casey, great job on
the ring.” He couldn't hide what he was feeling. She
felt awful. On top of everything that was happening to
him, she felt almost cruel to do this to him now.
“Casey will understand. You need me here, and I don't
want to hear any arguments. I will contact your doctor
and find out what you need, and that's that.”
Garson was touched that she felt that kind of loyalty to
him. He also felt a twinge of victory that he would be
able to hang onto her for a little while longer. At the
same time he felt guilty for feeling that way. Was it fair
to Casey?
“Okay. Under one condition, I have to be there when
you tell Casey, and if I notice even the slightest chance
that he minds that you're staying here, you're gone.”
She agreed, knowing that Casey would understand.
Now that they were engaged, he could feel confident
that she really wanted to be with him, and wasn't going
anywhere, with anyone else.
She called Casey to let him know the plan for dinner, but only got his voice mail. She was only able to leave him a message, “Hi
baby, it’s me. I wanted to let you know that I’m
cooking a fabulous dinner for you and Garson tonight.
Please call me when you get this message. I love you
so very much!!! Love you, love you, love you!!!!”
Alex was feeling very tired, despite the rest she'd gotten
that morning. She disregarded it as jet lag and began
her day. She cooked a new breakfast for Garson, and
got dressed to run out to the store for what she would
need for dinner.
Classes didn't start until Wednesday, and she would use
the time to get Garson settled and plan a routine that
would fit around her class schedules.
As Garson ate the delicious breakfast Alex whipped up
for him, he stared at her unnoticed. Alex Forrester, the
woman he loved desperately but would never have.
She was the kind of woman that men who encountered
her ultimately compared all future girlfriends to, she
was so beautiful, yet didn't know it. Incredibly
intelligent, yet never made people feel inferior.
Amazingly talented, yet never conceited about it. So
wonderful, inside and out. Her experience with
Russell, though horrible, helped mold her into the
amazing, altruistic, confident, yet sensitive and broken
woman that she was. The more he thought about her,
the more his heart ached, knowing that she would
never be his. As wrong as it seemed in his mind, he
was very pleased that she would be staying with him for
a little while longer.

* * * * * * *

As he stood in his living room, listening to the message
Alex had left for him, Casey started to picture what life
would be like with her living there with him. How it
would feel to have her as his wife, Mrs. Casey Morelli.
He was a bachelor for so long, it seemed interesting that
he’d be so anxious to settle down. But he didn't feel as
if he were settling, he felt as if he were starting a whole
new chapter in his life with Alex. He still reveled at the
memory of her returning his affections that first night,
when she prepared and executed the perfect evening. It
was so long ago, but he remembered it as if it were just
yesterday. He loved her more than he ever thought
possible. He felt as though his heart had to grow
everyday, or it would simply burst with love for her. As
he walked around his home, that he had never shared
with anyone, he tried to picture how little touches of her
would change his surroundings. He welcomed the idea
of Alex making his home hers.
“She said yes!” Casey shouted to himself arms
outstretched, “She's going to marry me!”

* * * * *

As Alex hurried to get dinner ready for the boys, she
felt just a little off. She found herself dropping things,
losing concentration, forgetting if she'd added salt or
not. She couldn't shake her jet lag, even after the nap
she took that afternoon. She felt dizzy from the smell
of the cream sauce she was preparing. Again, she
trudged on, ignoring it. She knew Casey would be
disappointed that she was postponing her move-in date,
but she also knew that he would understand.
Garson was relaxing on the couch, watching TV while
Alex cooked. As he was flipping through the channels,
a local news station broadcast of a fire caught his
attention. It was a burning building, the daycare center
not far from them. It showed children crying,
ambulances and fire trucks. He had passed it several
times when he was out jogging. A female newscaster
on location looked grim as she relayed the events of the
A fire started in the basement of the daycare center.
The cause was still unknown. Several children were
trapped inside but were rescued by a man who saw the
smoke and stopped to help. The broadcast faded to
footage of the fire. They showed a man passing the last
of the children to firefighters outside of the burning
building. The man disappeared back into the building
and the blaze grew. Smoke bellowed out and you could
hear a crash. The firefighters worked quickly to try and
free the man but the fire seemed too hot and they all
backed away.
The broadcast cut back to the newscaster. “The man
who stopped to help has been rushed to San Francisco
Memorial. His name is Casey Morelli, a member of the
2000 US Olympic soccer team. A true hero to each of
these children is now fighting for his life.”
Garson froze in his seat. Was it their Casey? It had to
be. ‘A member of the 2000 US Olympic soccer team’
rang through his ears. Garson didn't know what to do.
He wanted to run to Alex and protect her from the news
before she could hear it. Just then the phone rang. He
could hear Alex answer it in the kitchen, then he heard
the receiver drop, and Alex fall to the floor immediately
following. He struggled to get to her as fast as he
possibly could. She was lying on the kitchen floor,
unconscious. He immediately hung up the phone and
called his father. Alex came to and stared up at him, he
was sitting on the floor with her across his lap. He was
crying helpless, unable to shield her from the news.
Gavin showed up remarkably fast, and they piled into
his car, Garson trying desperately not to impede them
with his slowness. Alex didn't speak. She couldn't.
She couldn't believe what was happening. How could
she lose Casey now? This was unfair.
Garson was extremely concerned as he watched her. She looked so pale, and unaware of what was going on around her.
She seemed very lost, confused. Garson, in all his time
knowing her, had never seen her like that. It frightened
They arrived at San Francisco Memorial and were
directed to the burn unit of the ICU, where Casey was
being treated. They weren’t allowed in to see him. So
they sat helpless waiting for news. Garson was very
uncomfortable, but was under no circumstances going
to leave Alex’s side, as the doctor came out to speak to
her. It was the same doctor that had been attending
when Garson was taken in. She didn't have good news.
Casey wasn't going to make it. He was horribly burned,
and had broken his back. He had a collapsed lung and
multiple broken bones. He was heavily drugged, and
really only hanging on long enough to see Alex. The
doctor explained that he was conscious, and in a lot of
pain, but amazingly able to speak. She wasn't quite
sure how, but all he kept asking for was Alex. The
doctor warned her of what she would see. She didn't
care. She just wanted to see him and tell him she loved
Alex walked in the room, opening the door a
crack, allowing a sliver of light to shine through the
doorway. Casey didn't look like Casey. Alex retreated
slightly, unable to believe it was her fiancé that was
lying there. His eyes opened almost startling her. He
saw her and attempted a weak smile. “Hey.”
“Hey,” she was crying uncontrollably.
“C’mere” he whispered, she moved closer, slowly,
thoughtfully, not believing what was happening.
“Oh baby, I'm so sorry this is happening to you.”
“Hey, stop crying darlin',” his voice raspy, barely a
whisper. “I know I don’t have a whole lot of time.”
“Casey don't say that,” she was crying harder now,
wracked with sobs, realizing the inevitable.
“Baby, please, hear me now. Don't remember me with
tears. I need you to remember me happy, and alive, not
like this. We’ve shared more love than I ever thought
possible. You’ve shown me more love than I ever
thought I deserved. You said yes, thank you so much
for that. If you love me, please don’t cry when you
remember me. If you remember me with tears, then I
don't want you to remember me at all.”
“Casey I do love you, so very much, more than life
itself. You are the greatest part of my life, and I will
love you always.” She didn't know what to say, what to
do. She only knew that her heart was dying with him.
“Alex, listen to me. Don’t die with me. I couldn't bear
it. Promise me. You have so much love
to offer someone, please don't waste it mourning me.
You have to promise me. I love you baby and I want
you to be happy. Garson is a wonderful person and he
loves you very much.”
“Casey, I could never. I don’t want to hear that.”
“I want you to promise me Alex, promise me here and
“Casey, I can't.”
“You must, please.” Casey began to cough. Alex
moved closer to him, as close as she dared.
“Casey, I promise, I promise.” Alex was hysterical, she
wanted to wrap herself around him and die with him.
Her heart was breaking, she could barely breathe. How
could he expect her to go on without him?
“I love you, Alex. I will always love you, and be
thankful to you for the love you’ve given me.
Remember the first night I told you I loved you? I told
you that life has so few precious things in it? I know
this sucks, believe me I don’t want to leave you, ever
but we have to accept it. All those kids, those babies,
they have their whole lives ahead of them because of
me. That’s precious. I love you, so very much. Now
please, go. I don’t want you to see me like this
anymore. Goodbye, Alex.”
“I love you Casey. I love you baby, I'll see you in my
dreams.” Alex had calmed down considerably. She
wasn't sure why, it was as if Casey's words had brought
her peace. Despite what she was losing, she listened,
and more importantly heard what he said to her. Still, it
would never be okay that he was taken from her so
She didn’t want to leave him, but she also didn't want to
be there when he ultimately left her life forever. She
didn’t think she could handle it, and she wanted to keep
her promise to him. She knew she would still have to
cry, to mourn losing him. But she was determined to
try and grant his last request of her, not to remember
him with tears. She kissed him gently on his forehead,
the only area she dared touch him.
Casey closed his eyes, knowing it would be the last time he’d ever see her beautiful face. He didn’t want her to leave, but he
had another important conversation to take care of. He
got himself together as best he could. Casey knew as
much as his heart was breaking, he wasn't the one being
left behind. He was the one leaving and in a short
while he would no longer feel anything. But Alex and
Garson and his family and friends would have to feel
the loss, and emptiness. He didn’t want to think about
Alex being alone through all of it.
Alex left Casey's room and went to find Garson, who
was sitting uncomfortably in the waiting room. Garson
looked up to see a surprisingly calm Alex walking
towards him. She helped him to his feet.
“He's not going to be with us for much longer, but I
couldn't bear being in their when...” Alex closed her
eyes, picturing Casey well, not the broken person she
just left. “He wants to talk to you.”
“Me?” Garson couldn't imagine why Casey wouldn’t
want to spend every last moment with Alex.
“Can you make it by yourself?” he nodded and Alex sat
down slowly, “I'll be here.”
He made his way to Casey's room. He was ill-prepared
for what he saw when he got there. He opened the door
bleeding light in from the hall. Catching sight of Casey,
he flinched. He braced himself, knowing that his friend
needed him to be strong.
“Hey man,” Casey spoke sounding surprisingly strong.
“Hey,” Garson whispered afraid if he spoke too loudly
it would hurt Casey.
“Can you promise me something?”
“Anything Case, anything at all.”
“I want you to be there to take care of Alex, and I want
you to love her like you always have, and not let this,
me, stand in the way of what you guys will have.”
Casey could feel his breath catch, and he knew he didn't
have much longer. “Promise me buddy.”
“Casey, Alex loves you, I promise to be there to take
care of her and be there for her. But I can't promise
beyond that.”
“Garson, hear me now. She loves you. You two belong
together. I’ve always known it. And I know you have,
too. Fate has a funny way of working life out for us.
I’ll be keeping an eye on you two. And if I have to come back and kick both your asses, I will.”
Casey attempted a weak chuckle, but only succeeded in
sending himself into fit of coughs.
“Do you want me to get someone?” Garson hated to see
his friend like that.
“No, just do as I say. I’m trusting you to take care of
Alex and make sure she doesn't die with me, okay?”
“I will Casey, I promise.”
“Now get the hell out of here. I don’t want anyone to
see me when I go. Take Alex, go home, and share
happy stories of me. Laugh, a lot. You can speak to my
lawyer about the rest. His name is in the file on my
desk at home. You'll find it. Later, man.”
“I'll take care of everything,” Garson got up and made
his way out of the room. As he was leaving, he heard
the monitors beep erratically and then fall to a steady
tone. Casey was gone.
Alex, not having heard the machines, felt it in her
heart. She closed her eyes, and she would swear she
felt something pass through her and then away from
her. She didn’t cry. She just sat there remembering that
feeling. Casey was gone forever. 
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