HFH RADIO DRAMA complete in him

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Project Main Details

HFH RADIO DRAMA complete in him 
A radio drama for healing for heaven with up to 4 characters.
attachements can be found here: *********************  
2013-07-01 10:29:10 GMT
2013-07-12 16:00:00 (GMT +01:00) West Central Africa 
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Project Parameters

The Voice Actor should be located in:
Student or Non-for-profit student project - USD 250
Others (on-camera, infomercials, live announcers, spokespersons)
3 - 5 minutes
English - USA and Canada
Young Adult Female OR Young Adult Male OR Senior Female OR Senior Male
• Audio files must be delivered via email OR
• Audio files must be delivered via FTP/Dropbox/Google Drive/cloud
• Deliver edited and finished voice tracks AND
• Provide voice direction AND
• Fully produce a radio ad AND
• Add music AND
• Add special effects
The Voice Actor should have at least 5 years of experience in the voice industry.
This is a non-union project

Script Details

***custom demo required*** 
Complete in him

Cora (female, 17-19yrs, an exciting voice)
Juliana (female, 17-19yrs)
Edward (male, 18 -21yrs)
Mrs Fourie (woman, 35 – 40yrs)
Mr Fourie (male, 38 -40yrs)
Dr Smith (male, 30 – 40yrs)
Mr Raymond (male, 30 – 40yrs)
Radiographer (male, 25 – 35yrs)
Dr Marshal (male, 40 – 45yrs)
Dr Trisha (female, 29 – 35yrs)

Sfx: chattering crowd.
Juliana (breathless): Hey Cora, wait up!
Cora (female, 18-21) : Hey Juliana, good to see you, it’s been a while I saw you in church.
Juliana (female, 18-21): Girl, I’ve been buried in my books; you know exams are around the corner. I’ve got to get my grades up.
Cora: (chuckles), I feel you but you’ve got to seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness…
Juliana (joins in): and all other things shall be added unto you.
Both girls burst out laughing.
Juliana: I know, I know but it’s not that easy you know. By the way, I need you to help me brush up of on my tax law course; I can’t afford to flunk it again this semester.
Cora: Not a problem.
Juliana: Cora, seriously how do you keep it together?
Cora: keep what together?
Juliana: stay on top of the class, stay active in church, do voluntary social work and still look this hot?
Cora: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Giggles)
Juliana: girl, you’re a walking talking bible.
Both girls laugh.
Juliana (muttering under our breadth): oh oh, look who’s coming our way.
Edward(male, 19 -22): Hi Cora, Juliana.
Chrous: Hi Edward.
Edward: Hey Cora, did you get the invite for my birthday bash next week.
Cora: Sure Edward, I’ll be there.
Edward: See you then, bye ladies.
Juliana (with a stint of mischief): oooooh, I think Edward has the hots for you.
Cora: common, he just a good friend.
Juliana: yeah right, did you see the way he looked at you? It was a “more than a friend” look.
Cora (embarrassed): Juliana!
Juliana: Any way’s, you know I’m gonna be your maid of honor, right?
Cora (laughing): girl you are cracking me up, I’ve got to run, see you later.
Sfx: Door bell.
Mrs Fourie (from a distance) (woman, 30 – 35): who’s there?
Cora: It’s me mum,
Sfx: fiddling keys, door opening.
Mrs Fourie: hey Cora, how was youth fellowship?
Sfx: Door shutting.
Cora: It was cool mum, who’s home?
Mrs Fourie: Dad’s upstairs taking a nap. I left some pasta and grilled chicken for you in the oven.
Cora: Thanks mum, you’re the best.
Narrative: This was my life. Vibrant, optimistic, focused. I lived life to the full, loving and serving God, paying attention to my studies and having fun with my friends and family. Little did I know that things were about to take a different turn. My name is Cora Fourie and this is my story.
Sfx: knock on the door.
Mrs Fourie: Cora, you’re running late for school, your dad is running late are you riding with him or not?
Cora (sounding tired): Mum, don’t think I can make it for lectures today.
Sfx: door opens.
Mrs Fourie: What’s wrong honey? Are you okay?
Cora: I’ve got a terrible migraine mum.
Mrs Fourie: Again? That’s the fourth time in two weeks; I think you need to see a doctor.
Cora (reluctant): No mum, I’ll be fine really. I think the stress of preparing for the semester exams is just getting to me. That’s all.
Mrs Fourie: I insist you see a doctor. Will call Dr Smith to book an appointment
Cora: Muuum
Mrs Fourie: Case closed. I’ll get some pain killers in the mean time.
Narrative: and so I went to the doctor the following day, the first of many appointments to come.
Dr Smith (male, 30 – 40): the result of your medical tests will be out tomorrow but in the meantime, I’ll give you something for the migraine and pain in your joints.
Cora: Thanks Doctor Smith, can I also have some sleeping pills please. I have trouble sleeping these days.
Dr Smith: Not a problem. Do get some rest and say hello to your dad for me.
Narrative: the following day…
Mr Fourie (male, 35 -40): Cora! Cora!
Mrs Fourie: She’s been in bed all day. She says she’s still feeling tired.
Mr Fourie: I dropped by at Dr Smiths’s today and he gave me Cora’s test results.
Mrs Fourie: So what did the test results say?
Mr Fourie: nothing significant was diagnosed. He says she might just be going through stress and needs to rest.
Mrs Fourie: Praise God, I was worried that something was terribly wrong with the way she’s been carrying on. I’ll take her dinner upstairs and give her the good news.
Mr Fourie: will join you shortly.
Sfx: foot steps up a stair way. Knocking on a door
Mrs Fourie: honey, got you some cookies and a warm glass of milk.
Cora (tired/sleepy): come in mum.
Sfx: door opening and shutting.
Mrs Fourie: how’s my baby girl doing?
Cora: Mum, I’m not hungry.
Mrs Fourie: have a little bit at least so you can take your medication.
Cora (reluctantly): Ok, I’ll have a little. I feel nauseas.
Mrs Fourie: I’ve got good news. Your dad stopped by at Doctor Smith’s today and picked up your test results.
Cora (tired): oh, I totally forgot. What does it say?
Mrs Fourie: nothing darling. They found nothing, so you should be fine. You just need to take your meds and rest.
Narrative: I wish that was really the end but it was just the beginning. Though nothing was diagnosed, I felt worse with each passing day. The pains progressed to my legs and it felt like needles were in my legs. Every day, I got more and more tired and couldn’t sleep properly at night. It got to a stage I couldn’t walk or use my arms properly. I was experiencing the most intense pain you could ever imagine and so the search for a diagnosis began.
Dr Trisha : I and other consultants at the teaching hospital have examined the x-ray results as well as blood and urine tests and we cannot find anything significantly wrong.
Mr Fourie (indignant and frustrated): what do you mean by you can’t find anything significantly wrong? Have you seen my daughter? She’s in a bad shape and you sit here telling me nothing’s wrong.
Mrs Fourie: relax honey, let her finish.
Dr Trisha (male, 40 – 45) Mr and Mrs Courie, I understand how you feel. We are at loss as to what the problem is but we are speculating she must have injured a muscle to cause the intense body pains.
Mrs Fourie: how about the vomiting, sleepless nights.
Dr Trisha: I suggest you see a specialist. She might just be having sleeping disorders. It might be an isolated ailment.
Narrative: my condition became a guessing game among consultants. No specific answers, just speculations.
Dr Marshal (female, 29 – 35): Mr and Mrs Courie, we examined the results of the previous medical tests carried out on Cora.
Mr Fourie: And?…
Dr Marshal: there’s no way five different tests by these seasoned professionals can be wrong. However, we have come to a conclusion that she might have a tumor in her brain.
Mrs Courie (in a despaired tone): What? oh God have mercy.
Dr Marhsal: it’s still a speculation. A scan is being conducted on her as we speak to find out whether it’s a brain tumor or not. The result should be out any moment from now.
Sfx: intercom buzzing. Clicks
Dr Marshal (over the intercom): Dr Marshal how may I help you.
Radiographer (over the intercom) (male, 25 – 35): Sir, the scan result of Miss Cora Fourie is out.
Dr Marshal (over the intercom): what does t say?
Radiographer (over the intercom): No Tumor was found sir, not even a trace.
Dr Marshal (over the intercom): you’re sure?
Radiographer (over the intercom): Positive sir.
Dr Marshal (over the intercom): Okay thanks. Please have Miss Cora wheeled to the intensive care unit immediately. Will there to see her shortly. Thanks again.
Mrs Fourie: (panicking): intensive care, what’s wrong with my baby. Does she have a tumor?
Radiographer (over the intercom): You are welcome sir.
Sfx: intercom clicks to end call.
Dr Marshal: No ma’am, Cora doesn’t have a brain tumor. However, we need to admit her for further observation. About time, we got to the bottom of this and get an accurate diagnosis.
Mr Fourie: That’s the best thing I’ve heard from a consultant since this crisis began. We appreciate the effort Dr Marshal.
Dr Marshal: my pleasure, let’s go see Cora now shall we.
Sfx: Footsteps against the ambience of a busy hospital.
Mrs Fourie: for how long will my baby be on admission?
Dr Marshal: I can’t say ma’am, for as long as it takes to get an accurate diagnosis. There she is. Hi Cora, how are you feeling?
Cora (tired and coughing in between words): Not too good Dr. So did you find any tumor?
Mrs Fourie: No Baby, they didn’t find anything.
Cora (bursts into tears and sobs): I wish they did mum, at least we’ll know what the problem is so we can start treatment. I’m tired of this pain and discomfort. I want my life back.
Mrs Fourie (close to tears): You’ll have it back. You will honey, I promise you.
Sfx: mother and daughter sob.
Dr Marshal: I’ll leave you to have some privacy. I’ll be in touch to update you on any progress we make.
Mr Fourie (emotional): listen Cora, you have to be strong. You’ve always been and I don’t want you to stop now. Promise you’ll stay strong.

Cora (sniffing): I promise dad.
Mr Fourie: now that’s my girl. Dr Marshal says they’ll keep you here for further observation so they can get an accurate diagnosis. We’ll hurry home to get some toiletries and anything you’ll need to be comfortable during your stay here.
Cora: okay dad, please remember to bring my Bible as well
Mr Fourie: sure honey. Stay well.
Narrative: and so, hours run into days, and days into weeks until that fateful morning…
Sfx: Ambience of a busy hospital ward.
Mrs Fourie: How’s my princess today?
Cora (sleepy): Hey mum, dad, you’re early. Wasn’t expecting you till noon.
Mr Fourie: Yes Sugar, Dr Marshal gave us a call to come in early today, so here we are. Did you sleep well?
Cora: no dad, I threw up at least four times. The sleeping pills helped a bit though.
Dr Marshal: Mr and Mrs Courie, you’re here, good morning.
Mr and Mrs Courie: Good morning Dr Marshal.
Dr Marshal: How are you feeling today Cora?
Cora: Could be better.
Dr Marshal: Well, I’ve got good news and not so good news.
Mrs Fourie (anxious): what’s the good news?
Dr Marshal: well, we finally have an accurate diagnosis of Cora’s ailment.
Mr Fourie: thank goodness! And your diagnosis is?...
Dr Marshal: Cora has fibromyalgia.
Cora: I’m so glad it has a name, does it have a cure?
Dr Marshal (hesitant): I’m afraid that’s the not so good news I have.
Mrs Fourie: are you saying there’s no cure for this fibro…ma.. ma
Dr Marshal: fibromyalgia. I’m sorry but there’s no cure.
Mrs Fourie (breaks down in tears): oh my God, my baby. Why? Why my baby Lord?
Mr Fourie: get a grip woman. We have to be strong for Cora.
Sfx: Mrs Courie’s sobs subsides.
Cora: so does that mean I’m going to die.
Dr Marshal: Not at all. You will have to make some changes in your life style.
Narrative: Changes in my life style started with me dropping half of my subjects in school and being highly dependent on other people as the pains in my joints intensified. I had incessant stomach aches, felt nauseous all the time. As if that was not enough, I struggled with concentration and had short term memory loss. I couldn’t write and had to make use of a scribe. Life as I knew it was over.
Sfx: Knocking on the door.
Cora (tired): who’s there?
Mrs Fourie: It’s me honey. Juliana is here to see you.
Cora (tired): ask her to come in.
Sfx: Door opening and shutting.
Juliana: Oooh Cora, I’m so sorry I’ve not had time to see you this week; I was busy on my project in school.
Cora (tired): it’s okay, you’ve been there for me, helping me take lecture notes and I’m grateful for that.
Juliana: What are friends for? Talking about taking lecture notes for you, I must confess that Edward has been doing the Lion’s share of the job.
Cora (tired): Oooh really? Please say a big thank you to him for me, unfortunately I can’t write a thank you note.
Juliana (with mischief): oh better still send him a voice note on my phone.
Cora (tired): Julie, you don’t give up do you.
Juliana: as far as you and Edward are concerned, no I won’t give up. He’s been asking to see you but you’ve been refusing.
Cora (Tired): Julie, honestly take a good look at me, if you were in my shoes would you want to be seen like this especially by an admirer?
Juliana: Look, Edward is not a shallow guy and you know that.
Cora: okay, I’ll see him.
Juliana: great! Now we’re talking. Ok Cora, I’ve got to run. Will check up on you again this evening.
Cora (Tired): Thanks, bye.
Narrative: through my dark moments, I received the untiring love, care and support of my family, friends and church members. Then one day, an angel walked in through the doors of our home in the person of Mr Raymond, dad’s childhood friend.
Sfx: Door bell. Fast paced footsteps.
Mrs Fourie: Who’s there?
Mr Raymond (male, 30 – 40): It’s Ray.
Mrs Fourie (delighted): Raymond, we’ve been expecting you.
Sfx: Door opening.
Mrs Fourie: Long time no see. Come on in.
Sfx: exchange of friendly kisses. Door closing
Mr Raymond: Lucy Fourie, you still look as good as the day you became Mrs Fourie.
Mrs Fourie (chuckling): Raymond, flattery will get you nowhere. Please take your seat while I get Richard.
Sfx: Foot steps down the stairs.
Mr Fourie: Raymond, you finally made it through the doors of my home.
Mr Raymond: Hey hey, good to see you man.
Sfx: exchange of friendly back slapping.
Mrs Fourie: Raymond, will you have some freshly grilled chicken and curry rice?
Mr Raymond: Lucy, you know I can’t resist your cooking, even if you boil water, it will taste delicious.
The Fourie’s burst into laughter.
Mrs Fourie: Alright boys, I’ll get cracking in the kitchen while you two play catch up.
Sfx: Footsteps gradually fades.
Mr Raymond: So, how’s Cora fairing? You didn’t sound hopeful about her condition the last time we spoke on the phone.
Mr Fourie: Man, I don’t know anymore. We’ve prayed, fasted, and spent all our savings on medication and consultants. I’m at loss but I have to be strong for my family.
Mr Raymond: have you heard about the The Christ Embassy healing school?
Mr Fourie: Christ Embassy healing school? Never heard of it.
Mr Raymond: Well then, this is your season. Christ Embassy has a healing school and you’ll have to register Cora with the healing school of Christ Embassy where she will be taught to understand and profess the word for her healing. This will also help build her faith and expectation to receive her miracle during the Healing School sessions with Pastor Chris which in a couple of weeks from now.
Mr Courie: hmmnn…okay let me think about it. In the meantime, let’s go upstairs to see Cora. She’s always cheerful around you.
Mr Raymond (Laughs): Well who isn’t, I mean I’m a ladies man.
Both men laugh.
Narrative: And so, dad went ahead and had me registered with the healing school where I was taught the word of God with deeper insights pertaining to healing. My faith, which had diminished to little or nothing was gradually built again as I looked forward to my divine appointment with the Greatest Physician of all time, Dr Jesus.
Sfx: Ambience of Healing School session with worship song
Narrative: as the man of God moved closer to me, my heart beat with excitement, I knew that my healing was walking towards me, and all I could say was be it unto me according to your word oh Lord.
Sfx: music: he touched me oh he touched me and oh what joy filled my soul….
Narrative: I lay there on a camp bed feeling weak and helpless. Then the man of God touched me and that instance I fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit. I could feel a surge of power moving around my body. Immediately, I knew I was healed. I sprung on my feet and ran around. No trace of pain or discomfort. It was like a dream. It was dreams come true.
Pastor Chris (Shouts) Out!!
Pastor Chris (shouting): Hallelujah!!. She is healed
Sfx: Crowd ambience shouting for joy.
Narrative: This is my story, this is my testimony of divine healing and this can be your story too if only you believe.

Cora (female, 17-19yrs, an exciting voice)
Juliana (female, 17-19yrs)
Edward (male, 18 -21yrs)
Mrs Fourie (woman, 35 – 40yrs)
Mr Fourie (male, 38 -40yrs)
Dr Smith (male, 30 – 40yrs)
Mr Raymond (male, 30 – 40yrs)
Radiographer (male, 25 – 35yrs)
Dr Marshal (male, 40 – 45yrs)
Dr Trisha (female, 29 – 35yrs) 
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