Aamion's prologue

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Aamion's prologue 
I am looking for the old story teller. The wizard of tales… or just a heavy smoker.

2013-11-18 13:53:02 GMT
2013-11-19 12:00:00 (GMT -05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) 
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Project Parameters

The Voice Actor should be located in:
Fixed - USD 500
TV shows and movies
3 - 5 min
English - USA and Canada OR English - Other
gypsy traveler
Senior Male
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Script Details

Custom demo required 
1. Transition from Phantom Hook and Aarron’s Vision

Transition from Phantom Hook. The ink from Aarron’s brush becomes the graceful line of a dune ridge. The camera tracks along the ridge, we see sand tumbling, particles spinning on the wind. As the camera tracks we begin to see soft depressions, foot prints. It catches up to a mysterious figure walking there. He is dressed in an intricately patterned lava lava. His long red hair is carried gently on the wind. We are at the desert’s edge on the Giza Plateau, overlooking the Necropolis.

“Aamion’s journey began long before he was were born. That night his father’s travels brought him to a place where generations had fixed their gaze.”

Sunlight expanding in the horizon, towering shapes of the pyramids in the distance. We see Aarron, seated lotus fashion, and facing the pyramids. Close up of Aarron’s face, then his eye, as we go “inside” and see what he sees. We hear surf sound, the gurgling of air escaping upward through water.

“He saw the child in a vision.”

A flourish of bubbles and froth, expand and wipe to reveal a fetus in the womb. Warm Light expands behind the outline of the child. Plangent surf sound, the child rushes on expanding air. buoyant with light, seems to rise, and then surfaces.

Jump cut to a red Sun erupting above pyramids, casting long shadows that creep rapidly across the sand towards Aarron in meditation.

To be born into this world. Always already traveling. From that day he never felt alone. His wandering was never without that one purpose.” {the child lived within him}

[Need a smooth transition to Aarron surfing in a loose barrel. Possibly he rises from his place of mediation, begins to walk along the dune ridge again, which begins to transform- first it appears to collapse, calving portions of sand like a glacier, as these fall and tumble over the dune face they froth and break like water. Aarron begins to lose his footing, but he rises, buoyed on a surfboard. He is now riding smoothly, but is quickly overcome by a wave and he has to dive from the board]

“He kept his eyes open, and the world close.”

A wave overcomes his balance, he dives from the board. Cut to Waves rolling toward the beach. Aarron rises from the surf, dripping, winded, coming up the beach with his board.

“Everything he needed, he had found along the way. . .”

Aarron’s hair has come unknotted, and hangs heavy in front of his eyes, he flips it over his shoulder, and running a strong hand across his face opens his eyes and is stopped by what he sees. Cut to over his dripping shoulder, out of focal range we see a Woman has been watching him. She smiles, and the light of morning sun shines invitingly over her shoulder. She lifts a hand, greeting him, beckoning. Aarron stands his board in the sand, and begins to approach her.

“And when it was least expected, love entered his days .”
Cut to a close portrait of her face, young, but with gentle care lines. She smiles deeply, and the backlighting overwhelms her features, we hear a gull or shore bird cry.

2. First waypoint / Birth of Aamion

“The village where the child was born.”

We see a brush working over the canvas, painting a village scene. Cut to Aarron’s face, his eyes attentive to the work at hand.

“He was called Aamion.”

Reveal the child in his mother’s arms, wrapped in red linen. His eyes are deep blue and attentive.

“He opened his eyes upon a world where wonder and hard work went hand in hand”

Cut to the Brush working over muscled curve of a villagers shoulder as he lifts a dry bundle of palm leaves up to another man thatching a roof. As he strains upwards the man he is reaching toward comes to life, lifting the loose woven fibers and laying them in place.

We see Women diligently working the threads on simple backstrap looms.

Children playing with a patchwork soccer ball, juggle past the scene and the camera follows them for but they exit frame. The camera catches up to tiny Aamion, taking a few steps supported by his mother

“But they did not stay long. The pull of the road was too great.

Continue Tracking Aamion and Marion, the camera continues forward a few steps to where we see Aarron fixing the rear tire of VW Minibus. Aamion pulls away from Marion and falls into Aarron’s arms.

Cut on the sound of the minibus door sliding shut, to Aarron’s wide-eyed face pressed into the rear window as they begin to pull away from the camera.

“The family journeyed the continents, grew together, learning all they could from what they saw, and who they met.”

Framed in the window of the back of the car, we see the curvature of the earth. The family cuts a path through many cultures, villages large and small pass before us. Desolate landscapes and seascapes and varying atmospheres break up the vignettes. Aamion sees people performing the tasks of their day-to-day life. In a South American village a man harvests salt.

“And whatever they lacked, the richness of each day made up the balance.”

19.) In a Thai village we see people harvesting rubber from trees.
20.) In morocco we see men hunched over carving drums.
21.) In Ireland and old guy harvests peat.

Cut to a bird’s eye view shot from above, as the bright rectangle of minibus tracks the contours of the road. Signs of a modern city appear, buildings spring up and loom, the air is dense with gray smog. They come to a stop, stuck in traffic, hemmed by tall buildings and skyscrapers.

3. The City and the Journey to Island

“And then the great city swallowed them up. Its tangle of lights, unsleeping and anonymous. And all its comforts”

We now see Aamion riding on Aarron’s back, Marrion by their side, walking slowly through a crowded street (over cranked) Marrion standing back as they move away, swallowed up in the drifting bodies, which in their rush to come and go have become a blur of almost indiscernible human shapes.

The pleasures of that life can overpower. Distract. A traveller can easily lose their hold upon the path”
Cut back to Aamion’s face high in the frame as he begins to turn and see that Marion has stopped.

“And not without sorrow, some things Aamion had to part with along the way”

Aamion reaches out to his mother. Her outline begins to glow, and for a second, we see in the halo of light growing around her the play of rippling water. The scene whites out, then dims and we see Aamion’s extended hand reaching for the light coming from a simple lantern as it sways. A moth flutters, battering itself against the tiny panes of glass. We are in a Spartan boat cabin, we hear the roar of wind, the constant pulse of water.

Cut to a high angle shot, the Lantern swaying a little harder in the foreground. We look down on Aamion. The boat heaves and sends lantern swinging wildly. The candle goes out.

From the dark Aamion opens the cabin door to reveal the boat deck and a storm raging outside.

“You’re eyes were opened to the world. It’s beauty and it’s dangers.”

59.) Aarron is running around the boat fixing the rigging. The waves are huge, and as they crest and fall, tooth filled maws and empty eyes rain down and dissolve on the wind. Some of the tallest waves take on the imposing and harsh facades of buildings.
60-61.) Aarron spots Aamion, grabs him, and looks him straight in the eyes.

“The violence of the sea left a mark in him that would never leave. It won his respect. A respect that lasted the rest of his days.”

62.) Then pushes him back into the cabin.
63.) We see an extreme long shot of the tiny boat in the middle of the storm rolling high on the waves. The camera is consumed in fog or cloud and the sound of wind rises and falls away quickly as the view clears. It is Daylight now, a red sunrise seeps up from the horizon. From above, we look down upon a cormorant or gull drifting in wind. It cries out. Cut down inside cabin, light come in long slats from shuddered galley windows. The door opens and light bisects Aamion curled under a blanket, clutching a flashlight which is begun to flicker and die. He peers from beneath covers at Aarron who is gesturing for him to come out on the deck. Cut to Aarron and Aamion standing at the bow, we see over their shoulders that an island has appeared in the distance.


“The Islanders had more to offer than a calm harbor.”
34.)The Boat is now docked. Locals circle Aamion and Aarron stepping onto the dock. Aamion reaches out his hand to the locals.

“The people gave a warm welcome. Offered them food, and a place to sleep. Said ‘No one in need should ever be treated as a stranger.’”

35-36.) The Fijians smile, and the grin of the nearest Islander turns into a crescent moon.
37.)It is night on the island. Aaron and Aamion are circled on mats around a fire with their new hosts.
39.) An aged, but still broad-chest Islander stands over the fire telling the story of a spearfishing journey. He raises his hand, the muscles tensing in his forearms, he balances the lance, like he's about to strike,
40-41.) He throws the imaginary spear and we cut to a shot of a fish flashing in the current, then stunned as it is pierced, floating still for a beat, then snatched up and out of the water.
42.) Wide shot, The Fijians stand on the shore as they teach their children how to handle spears. Aarron stands behind Aamion, both looking on.

“Here the boy learned what it meant to live with nature. To sustain himself with what the sea offered”
43.) little Aamion watches in wonder. His hands curled round a blunted spear. (Match with phantom shots of older Aamion on the rocks)
44-45.) Quick action shot of the Fijians stripping the leaves and tying them into a knot. Rack focus to Aamion in the middle of the circle knot.

“He learned to make the best use of whatever was at hand”

46.) We see the Fijians use the striped leaves to catch prawns.
48.) We see a raised machete in muscled grip of an islander. The edge of the blade glints as it hovers a beat before descending,.
49.) It slices a coconut with quick force and precision.

“To drink deeply of simple pleasures.”

50.) The Fijian hands Aamion the coconut. Aamion takes a long sip, and smiling, passes it along to a smaller Fijian boy, who drinks in turn.

“To share whatever he had.”

“His days were full of light. There was time for work. And time for play.”

Low Angle shot of the forest canopy. We see daylight scattering through leaves high in the canopy. The sound of soft wood being chopped somewhere nearby. High-pitched birdcalls punctuate the sounds of wind moving through the branches, the creaking of vines shifting against ancient bark. The sounds of something crashing through undergrowth draws quickly near.

“He found himself at home. Among brothers and sisters”

51.) Aamion running through the jungle with a group of Fijian kids, the camera tracks from behind them.
52.) The kids come out of the trees to reveal the shore, Aamion in the lead comes to a sudden halt.

Cut to show the dock and the boat
There Aarron is leaning over the side and hoisting supplies with the help of a Fijian.

Cut to the emotion on Aamion’s face, sadness, and wonder. His eyes deepen. The other children slow and stop behind him. one puts his hand on Aamion’s shoulder, but Aamion does not react.

Cut back to show Aarron’s face. Determined, instructive. He nods, meeting Aamion’s gaze with an intensity that recalls the moment during the storm.

“Aamion saw in his father’s eyes that the time to move had come again. The seasons had changed, with them the winds.”

Cut to night. to under the moon we see the boat moving out to sea. The camera is slowly descending towards the water as the waves break against the keel, moving the boat swiftly toward the dark line of the horizon.

“The boy could feel the rhythm of travel, the exchange of places like the steady drum of his heartbeat, the migration of blood.”

Cut to a tracking shot, the prow cuts smoothly, riding on the current, a faint wake churns out behind them, marking their passage.

Cut wider, and we see the boat transform into the Minibus. The waves lift and shape into green mountains. The wake has become the line of the road spooling out from behind the vehicle. Drifting clouds trace shadows across the slopes. The bus descends and is slowly obscured by high trees

5. New Zealand

“Aamion felt each landscape draw something new from inside him. Tying him to the earth. The farther they traveled, the easier it was to be at home.”

Push down into the bus with Aamion and Aarron riding in the front seat

Aamion points excitedly as they round a curve. Ahead we see that the road has divided. The main road curving gently away, its neatly kept asphalt and dotted line. The other, just a dirt track headed directly into the heart of the forest. Aarron turns a knowing glance to Aamion.

“The simplest choices determine who we become”

Static shot of car rambling past and down the dirt road into the dark of the forest.

Jump Cut to Aarron and Aamion walking away from the car. The dirt track dwindles and stops in a small clearing, and now the only way forward is on foot. They make their way among the trees.

Where the road ended they cut a new path. Making their way by instinct.

Aarron lifts Aamion on his shoulders and we see the forest from Aamion’s POV. The camera drifts across the tremor of the leaves, all different shapes and shades of green shifting on the air. birds flash through the canopy, trailing feathers of iridescent purples and blues.

Cut to hand held shot moving along behind father and son. Ahead a light glows through the trees. The camera arcs around them as they move forward, trees trunks of trees cross before our line of sight.

The branches sway and lean on the breeze, then begin to find a rhythm, become languid and graceful, shaping into the upraised arms of men and women circling a fire.

Aamion and Aarron have come upon a glade where a group of fellow travellers circle a bonfire naked. Other are seated on mats and makeshift stools, some playing guitars and drums. Aamion runs from Aarron’s side to join them

Aarron stands alone, watching a moment.

“And he knew that everything the boy would need, he would find along the way.”

76.) The camera looks out through the heat and flame of the fire. The danceers wheel past, revealing that Aamion has joined in the circle. Every trip around the fire, he gets a little older. (Zoetrope).

“The earth made its circuit through stars. The father found new love. The boy became a man.”

77-76.) We see Aarron making eyes at Ava. We dolly-in as their gazes meet and hold, the dancers continue their revel, which appears now as the indistinct shapes crossing the frame. Between the rush of bodies we see Aarron and Ava kiss.
80.) Cut to Aamion, who has stopped just outside the circle of dancers, opposite his father and Ava, watching them. Dolly-in quickly as Aamion smiles. His chest rises and falls, winded from the dance. Gone is the baby-fat, his body is lithe and well muscled.
81.) Continue to push into Aamion’s eyes. The transform from soft and youthful to careworn, a bead of sweat trickles from the forehead along the furrowed brow, salt spray lifts and beads upon his skin and with the sound of swelling waves, we pull out to reveal a much older Aamion, about mid 20s.

6. Present Day - The Goodwins

84.) He is speeding through a huge barrel. The sun flashes in the water

“Aamion grew strong returning the force of the swells beneath his board.”
85.) As Aamion shoots out of it. Daize on a long board follows him out the barrel, and surpasses him.

“And on the water, found all the love to carry him on his journey.”

86.) Aamion draws close behind her and they start to dance on the wave.
87.) As they dart and weave playfully, they start to blur into watercolors and the bright sunlight burns out the screen as they turn into an abstract sperm and egg. We see as if through a sheet of coursing water. The sperm shape slides toward the edge of the ovum and is drawn across the edge and disappears. The union sets the contours of ovum spinning, as a fetus takes shape inside.

“The child was called Given.”

88.) Cut to an expanse of beach, low tide, and a red sun rising far out to sea.

From behind we see Aamion, Daize and Given holding hands, walking out down the beach to receding surf. Given’s wavy golden hair carried gently the ocean breeze. All three stop and look out in the water.

Before them a coconut rests in the low tide, one long stock sprouting green leaves into the air.

“A new life had begun”

95.) Aamion lifts Given onto his shoulders. We now see that Daisy is pregnant. Aamion puts his hand on Daisy’s belly and we zoom in.

“Across oceans and continents, the journey would continue.”

”96.) Light swells through Daize’s abdomen, we see the silhouette of new life growing. The sounds of the ocean rise and swell to a roar.

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