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March 28, 2017 at 12:13 am

Hey VO specialist, i just wanted to mention a couple things to the new talent coming into the VO industry. I can provide a couple start up tips. I have had the pleasure of working with VERY talented Alex hyde-white . The Simplest 2 things u can have is…

1st. Pick a great quality microphone and be sure to let your microphone heat up.

2nd. Your Recording environment is just as important as your microphone. if you are on a budget and might have a spare closet u can get some great recording in it if you properly treat it. An affordable option is to use blankets and or acoustic foam on your walls. if your getting a boxy sound treat your corners with bass traps so your vocals do not hang around in your corners. A Great Alternative if you have the finances is reaching out to a vocal booth company. Inlandbooths offers a great installation service for California residence and will ship across the nation.  Hope this help!!!!!