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July 20, 2017 at 10:10 pm

Hello vo actors!!! 

Did you book a vo job on your own that you are expected to record yourself? Do you need to record an audition that need to be sent right away?  Do you need a connection to another studio through Skype or Source connect?

Then our service at WhattaYaSay might be what you are looking for.

Our vo recording service is ideal for actors who aren’t able to do broadcast quality recordings at home or at their agent, parents that get vo requests for their children or vo pro’s who wants to get out of their closet and work in a booth without annoying helicopter noises.

We offer state of the art equipment and a comfortable low-key environment in which to record voice talent. VO sessions typically include editing, sweetening, phone/Skype patch, source connect and digital-delivery as part of our affordable VO package. Voice record services include: • Commercial Voice Over and Narration • ADR and Animation Voice Over • Instructional Audio and Audio Books

Our studio is located at the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

Contact us at and ask for
our special WhattaYaSay-actors rate. 

Thank you
WhattaYaSay LLC