Index of Voice Actors with Last Name Starting with L

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From Emily L to Jerry Lacroix
From Shawn Lacross to Eric Lakey
From Nahid Lakhani to Linda Lampert
From Chris Lampkin to Lydia Lane
From Mara Lane to Loren Lansky
From Kyle Lanterman to Joseph Larsen
From Justin Larsen to James Lau
From Katja Lau to Dina Lawrence
From Edward Lawrence to Daniel Lazos Adrian
From Lb Lb to Olivier Lecerf
From Donna Lecher to Jaime Lee
From James Lee to Bob Leedom
From Gaby Leeflang to Yoel Leinwand
From Paula Leinweber to Drew Leon
From Felipe Leon to Heather Leslie
From Jeff Leslie to Dan Levinson
From Sharon Levinson to Julie Lewis
From Karen Lewis to Catherine Libeau
From German Libenson to Naomi Limb
From Loira Limbal to Billy Lingar
From Kim Lingle to David Litchke
From Ian Lithgow to Tonya Loach
From Dante Loaiza to Brianna Logan
From Carmen Logan to Michael Long
From Mike Long to Lynn Lopez
From Maria Lopez to Nicholas Lotempio
From Amy Loter to Mark Lovely
From Rena Loveman to Bo Lu
From Julia Lu to Gerardo Lugo
From John Lugo to Jan-Erik Lustig
From Robert Lutein to Roscoe Lynn
From Sheryl Lynn to Kim Lytton