Index of Voice Actors with Last Name Starting with B

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From A B to Sneha Bachani
From Krystal Bacharz to Danielle Bailey
From Dara Bailey to Clint Baker
From Crysanne Baker to Wendy Balchin
From Gladys Baldelovar to Ken Balme
From Roland Balmediano to Natalia Barajas
From Rod Barajas to Robert Barker
From Sarah Barker to Roger Barnette
From Benjamin Barneveld to Zhosanha Barretto
From Alonda Barrie to Chris Bartlett
From Erik Bartlett to Hank Bassior
From Lila Bassior to Nick Battiste
From David Battistella to George Baz
From Chema Bazan to Jonathan Beatty
From Mark Beatty to Carl Beckwith
From Julia Beckwith to Mimi Bejarano
From Babatunde Bejide to Tabi Bell
From Tara Bell to Robert S. Benedetti-Hall
From Georgiana Benedetto to Lorna Bennett
From Marcia D. Bennett to Inger Berg
From Jeff Berg to Jason Bernard
From Jean Bernard to Trish Bertram
From Elvira Bertrand to Grishma Bhalerao
From Monica Bhalla to John Biggs
From Lisa Biggs to Jerry Birge
From Kip Birgen to Melanie Bizoe
From Fredric Bjelland to Peter Blackwell
From Suzi Blackwell to Daniel Blanco
From Hilda Blanco to Tomel Bloodsaw
From J.R. Bloodsworth to Kim Bockenstedt
From Claire Bocking to John Bolduan
From Douglas Bolduc to Oscar Bonfiglio
From Bethany Bonham to Dallas Boren
From Michelle Boren to Natasha Botas
From Barb Botelho to Antoine Boutte
From Varnum Bouval to Terence Bowman
From Timothy Bowman to Ashley Bozeman
From Michael Bozman to Jay Brady
From John Brady to Gillian C. Brashear
From Vincent Brasher to Nancy Bregg
From Peter Bregman to Art Breyfogle
From Oli Brezoianu to Jeremy Brisiel
From Artur Brisita to Jacob Bronstein
From Kendra Bronstein to Jamie Brouhard
From Terry Broun Jr to Debbie Brown
From Dee Brown to Kevin Brown
From Kim Brown to Suzanne Brown
From Tad Brown to Adena Brumer
From Ebony Brumfield to Bowers Bryce
From David Bryce to Edward Budzius
From Freddie Bueno to Cherie Burbach
From Sergei Burbank to Donna Burke
From Evan Burke to Larhonda Burns
From Maria Burns to Kimi Buser
From Enrica Busetti to Sus Butler
From Theresa Butler to Dave Bywater