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If you’re as obsessed with House of Cards as we are, you’ll remember this timeless quote from Season 2. Well not only do we believe it, we live it at Voice123! We present to you our new Audition Inbox!

We’ve kept everything you need to view and listen to auditions but streamlined it to ease the process of finding the perfect voice. Here’s what’s new:

New look

We’ve kept the visuals for our new inbox simple so it’s quicker to use. The three tabs along the top worked well for our previous version so we’ve brought them back allowing you to see the project information (1), the audition inbox for each project (2) and the deleted auditions (3) all in one page.

There’s a new “Project Actions” button (4) where you’ll find how to enable and disable smartcast, how to close your project, extend the deadline and share your inbox. We added another “Share Inbox” button (5) that is more prominent as well.

You’ll also notice a new progress bar (6) so you can see how many auditions you’ve received, how many you listened to and how many you rated.


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Inbox of Auditions and Proposals Tab

Inside the auditions and proposal tabs, you’ll find a better way of reviewing auditions. In the new audition inbox you have the choice between displaying 10, 25, 50 or 100 auditions on the same page (7), eliminating wasted time trying to find auditions. You can reorder demos by talent names, price, ranking, date received and type of invitation (8). Or you can select the “Reorder Demos” button (9) and place each demo in the order you’d like. The best part of the new auditions tab, is that you can see all the information for each audition in one line.


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When you want more details about the talent, you can expand the audition by clicking on the + sign (10). This will open up a spot for you to write your personal notes (11), read the talent’s remarks (12) and allow you to take direct actions like downloading their demo, asking them to re-audition, seeing their profile, contacting them by phone or message, blocking them if necessary or closing the project and hiring them straight-away (13).

inbox 2

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Everything you need is right there.

Deleted auditions

At Voice123 we understand that you might have second thoughts about an audition. So when you delete an audition it goes to the deleted auditions tab where you can still view the audition and send it back to your inbox if you change your mind (14). You can organize auditions in the Deleted Auditions tab similarly to how you organize them in your Audition Inbox.


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And that’s the tour! We can’t say we share the same moral compass as Frank Underwood but we do share the same drive to keep improving. Let us know what you think of our new audition inbox in the comments below, on Facebook and on Twitter. And don’t forget that your feedback is like Claire’s support, we need it! Send it to us at help@voice123.com.