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image-74f5c20b91e5453600dc90aa6a70121bWe are very excited to announce that Voice123 Academy will officially launch on December 2nd! We are using the vast knowledge and network we’ve acquired over the last decade to teach voice actors the real-world skills they’ll need to launch and grow a successful voice over business.

Ready to get going? ¬†Pre-purchase all 3 classes and get a free three month Premium Voice123 membership. That’s over a $75 value!¬†This offer ends November 30th, so take advantage of it now!

Pre-purchase classes now & get 3 free months of Voice123 Premium!

Courses and your premium membership will be available on December 2nd. This way, you can put the skills you learn from Voice123 Academy to use, auditioning for real voice over jobs on Voice123.com.

Meet the instructors


Elaine Clark
Owner of Voice One,
San Francisco, CA
Preparing to Record: Vocal & Body Warm-ups, Breathing, Mic Placement


Peter Rofe
Owner of PDR Voice Over,
Coaching, New York City
Script Analysis & Commercial Copy Interpretation



Tara Tyler
Voice Actor & Head of
Communications, Voice123
Audio Editing with Adobe Audition for Voice Actors.

How does Voice123 Academy work?

For the initial launch, courses will be offered online through our partners at Udemy.com. For all the details like our initial course offering, pricing, coaches, and more, visit the Voice123 Academy website.

Here’s to your voice acting career!