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You’ve probably noticed some changes around Voice123.com lately, from the new homepage to design elements around the site. We’re doing more than giving Voice123 a facelift though. We recently made a few changes that we’ve wanted to make for a long time.

Update to the Voice123 Audition Ranking System

Finally, right?! It’s a seemingly small change, but to voice actors, it’s huge. When clients review the auditions in their inbox, they are now given the option to “rank” the auditions from one to four stars. Now, the voice seeker’s audition inbox looks like this:

Voice123 Audition inbox

You’ll notice that you can only rank an audition from one to four stars. The “Never Again” option, which excluded a particular voice actor from ever auditioning for a voice seeker again, has been removed. Many clients were confused as to what this option meant and we felt it was unfairly penalizing talents. We also removed one of the stars and the small text that used to appear above each star that said “Finalist,” “Considering,” “Maybe,” “Not likely,” and “Will not be considered.” We’re hoping this helps voice seekers stay organized while not unfairly penalizing voice actors.

“Cartoon/Animation” Category Added

Do you want to do animation voice over work? In my best Professor Farnsworth voice, “Good news, everyone!” – you can now add “Cartoon/Animation” to your Voice123 profile. Log into your account, click on the “My Profile” button, and choose “My Voice Details.” Under the section that says, “What type of recordings are you willing to do?”, you will see the new option at the bottom of the list:

Animation voice over work Voice123

We’ve made other (less sexy, more nerdy) updates to make the site more stable, load faster, etc. as well. Our goal at Voice123 is to connect voice actors with great clients all over the world, while making the experience on our site enjoyable. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to helping you however we can! Thanks for using Voice123.