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Storm Trooper wondering

Did I get that voice over gig?

Thanks to your suggestions, we┬áreleased a new feature called “Project Fulfillment” that will let voice actors know if someone was hired for a project they auditioned for.

Here’s how it works:

On the screen where voice talents upload their audition, there’s a new checkbox under the “Remarks” section that reads, “Please email me when…the project is marked as fulfilled by the voice seeker”:

New checkbox under Remarks

This means that when the voice seeker (the person who posted the project) tells us they hired someone, we will send an email letting voice actors know the project has been fulfilled. This email won’t say who was chosen, but at least those voice actors who were not chosen know not to wait around for a call.

This is what the voice seeker will see whenever they choose to close the project or the project reaches the deadline:


The hired voice actor will get an email asking them to verify if they’ve been contacted by the voice seeker.

We hope this feature helps everyone sleep a little easier at night, knowing these projects haven’t been abandoned somewhere in the ether of the Interwebs, but have a sweet voice actor taking care of them.

We are always open to your suggestions! What can we do to make Voice123 work better for you?

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc