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Community News: Contest Winners, Phonecalls, Meetups!

Contest Winners!If you have been reading up on Voice123’s blog and emails, you may have seen our contests from the past couple weeks. Voting was done via ranking system, […]

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Doing It Yourself To Earn An Oscar!

After writing about a Voice123 job last week that almost went to the Oscars, I had the chance to follow up some more with the lead voice […]

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Busy Voice Over Bees And Voice123

For this blog, we wish to show you just how much activity takes place in Voice123 Customer Service! We think you will find the numbers amazing […]

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Community: Frightening Contests And Friendly Meetups

“Voting Is Spooky! But I Will Do It Anyway!” ContestVoice123 will be holding a special contest from now until Election Day! You may have seen the project posting already!Submit […]

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Community News: Meetup News Galore!

Voice123 Meetups are taking place throughout the voice over industry! Whether it be big or small, there is nothing more important than meeting people who work in an industry […]

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Community News: Voice Over Happenings!

We want to bring you some community happenings from this week, last week, and the end of the month that you can use to improve your voice […]

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Trends: Top 10 Voice123 Deleted Tags

Fear not! These are not used! Where ‘demo tagging’ stands today at Voice123; it is a powerful informational tool to see if ‘what you think’ matches ‘what […]

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Voice of Speed Racer Passes at age 83

Peter Fernandez (seen here) was one of the first voice over talent/celebs/heroes of mine that I met in a New York City voice over class back in […]

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Special Community News: ‘VH’ Celebrates 1st Birthday!

An up and coming website, VoiceOver Hispano, a voice talent community of Spanish voice talent run by Carlos Estanga, is very proud to celebrate one year of operation on […]

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Coach News And Meetups, Too!

We wanted to bring to you some great news reported on our Voice123 Forums!Bob Bergen’s 1-Day Special NYC Event – Speaking of Voice over:”Speaking of Voice over” is […]

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