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Voice123 is not going away!

Recently, you may have noticed a little pop up box at the bottom of Voice123.com asking you things like, “What did you come here today to do?” and “How did you find out about us?” We ask because we want to improve our service and the best way to do that is just to ask you! We use a company called Qualaroo to collect your answers and analyze the data. It looks like this and sometimes appears in the bottom, right corner of your screen after logging in:

Voice123 how would you feel

This is the question that has been kind of freaking you out lately. “How would you feel if you could no longer use Voice123.com?” We ask this to both voice actors and voice seekers to measure the satisfaction level with our service. This helps us determine if we are on the right track when we add new features or make changes to the website. It does not at all mean that we would ever go away! How can you be sure? Just look at these results so far:

Answers from Voice123 Voice Seekers:

How would you feel if you could no longer use Voice123?

Very disappointed – 87.1%

Somewhat disappointed – 9.4%

Not disappointed (it really isn’t that useful) – 3.5%

As you can see, voice seekers really love using Voice123 and are satisfied with our service. :)


Answers from Voice123 Premium Voice Actors:

How would you feel if you could no longer use Voice123?

Very disappointed – 58.3%

Somewhat disappointed – 25.9%

Not disappointed (it really isn’t that useful) – 15.8%


Answers from Voice123 Standard Voice Actors:

How would you feel if you could no longer use Voice123?

Very disappointed – 55.9%

Somewhat disappointed – 27.2%

Not disappointed (it really isn’t that useful) – 16.9%

According to Qualaroo, getting above 40% of responders saying “very disappointed” is a great thing because this means that we have built a product or service that people love using and have incorporated into their lives. That’s definitely our goal! We continue to make improvements and add features so that you can make money with your voice.

We asked this question in a survey done last summer (you may have participated) and you can see that the results have improved:

Voice123 Satisfaction Survey

Results from June 2013

This tells us that we are on the right track with our product development so far. If you are a marketing nerd and “wanna be” data nerd like me, you can get some more info about why we ask this particular question and what we do with the results in this blog post.

What convinced you to pay?

Right after a voice actor purchases a premium membership, we ask them what it was that convinced them to upgrade. This question helps us determine what the most important features and services are to our customers. Here are some of the responses we’ve gotten to that question:

“Plenty of opportunities to be heard and not quite as many respondents on every single audition as other sites.”  Paul Snyder

“This is my fourth renewal. The voiceover work I’ve gotten from Voice123 had more than paid for the subscription each year. It’s a no-brainer!” David Saunders

and my personal, favorite response so far:

“cuz I like you guys” Buzz Adams

Who reads and interprets all these responses?

Lucho Molina

This guy.

That’s Voice123’s Head of Product, Lucho Molina, and yeah, he does actually read all that stuff you guys tell us. Why does he care? He’s the one that maps out the improvements, new features, and new services that we will offer and when so it’s very important that he understands how you use (or want to use) Voice123.

Yeah, we’re kinda nosy…

We ask a lot of questions (some of them may seem weird) but the truth is that the better we know you, the better we know what you want, what’s important to you, what you like, what you don’t, the better we can make Voice123.com. Yes, most of us on the team are voice actors ourselves, but the voice over industry is huge and ever changing. Each voice actor’s story is different and we want to hear them all. The (cheesy) bottom line: we ask because we love you. :)