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Welcome to the new Audition Inbox


If you’re as obsessed with House of Cards as we are, you’ll remember this timeless quote from Season 2. Well not only do we believe it, we live it […]

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New Project Fulfillment Feature Keeps Voice Actors Informed

Thanks to your suggestions, we released a new feature called “Project Fulfillment” that will let voice actors know if someone was hired for a project they auditioned for.

Here’s how it […]

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Why are we asking you so many questions!?!?

Voice123 is not going away!
Recently, you may have noticed a little pop up box at the bottom of Voice123.com asking you things like, “What did you come here today […]

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Voice123 Academy Promotion

We are very excited to announce that Voice123 Academy will officially launch on December 2nd! We are using the vast knowledge and network we’ve acquired over the last decade […]

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    Update: Changes to Voice123 Ranking System and New Category!

Update: Changes to Voice123 Ranking System and New Category!

You’ve probably noticed some changes around Voice123.com lately, from the new homepage to design elements around the site. We’re doing more than giving Voice123 a facelift though. We recently […]

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    $50 off Voice123 for Voice Over Virtual conference attendees!

$50 off Voice123 for Voice Over Virtual conference attendees!

The Voice123 team is pumped to attend our first ever “virtual conference”. The Voice Over Virtual conference is happening online September 18-20th. This giant 3-day Online Conference features a […]

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Introducing the New Voice123 Forum!

The Voice123 Forum has been a great place for voice actors to share experiences and help out fellow talents for many years. Since they have been around so long, […]

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Small But Cool Changes at Voice123

Hey everyone!

Quick little post here…

There have been some changes at Voice123 that I wanted to share with you.

Voice123 is now compatible with mobile devices. Instead of building a native […]

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What’s Next for Voice123

It has been silent here on the blog this past week. We all miss Steven! We know you do too. So, everyone wants to know…what now?

Steven has left, but […]

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Small change to Voice123 by adding a new language

Do you know any voice actors who speak Malaysian?

Well, we added that to the matching criteria in the search feature, and profiles. The main reason being, strangely enough, after […]

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