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Documentary Voice Over Booked on Voice123

Congratulations to Voice123 Voice Actress Jenny Barringer for booking and doing great work on the narration for Water: the 60 Minute Documentary for Springcreek Conservation. Check out her amazing work here:


WATER: […]

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Voice123 voice actor’s tips for booking voiceover work

Recently, voice actor Ross Huguet was hired through Voice123 to be the voice of a really cool promo video for the 14th international Beethoven piano competition in Vienna, Austria.  […]

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The Story of the Home Studio Masters “Tip of the Week”

Here each week, we will present one of The Home Studio Masters “Tip Of The Week.”  Each one covers a concept important to a voice actor with a home […]

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Tom Dusenbery for EnviroSealed

And now…a voiceover job booked by Tom Dusenbery on Voice123!

For the cold winter months, while your windows keep you warm and cozy, remember Tom Dusenbery’s voice helped describe for […]

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David Parkinson provides voiceover work for EnviroVent

David Parkinson, voiceover talent on Voice123, provided us with this latest piece of work booked from a Voice123 job posting!

A voiceover for EnviroVent!

Congrats to him!

Remember that you can submit […]

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Jill Melancon voiceover for Revolution 60

Always great to see voiceover talent from Voice123, booking videogame work!

Congrats to Jill Melancon, voiceover talent!

Have you booked work on Voice123 lately? Let us know! Show us what ya’ […]

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Cindy Brooks books voiceover work for H&M job!

Cindy Brooks is a voiceover talent on Voice123. Recently, she shared great news with us that she had booked a gig for H&M on Voice123.

Please take a look!


You can […]

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Joe Jacobs books a voiceover for Toys ‘R’ Us!

Joe Jacobs is a Voice123 talent, and we are happy to share a video from our Youtube page, from a job he booked recently!

You can always hire great voiceover […]

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Voice over job booked by Dude Walker

Voice123 talent, Dude Walker, recently wrote us that he had booked this voice over job for Lee Michaels Jewelers.

This voice job was booked through Voice123!

Congrats Dude! :D

If you have […]

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Voice over by Jim Anglo says to make sure we see the dentist

The voice over job below was booked through usage of Voice123. The voice seeker hired voice talent Jim Anglo.

This video reminds us that we should all make sure we […]

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