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V123 Forum


The Voice123 Forum has been a great place for voice actors to share experiences and help out fellow talents for many years. In order to provide a safer and better experience for everyone, here’s what you need to know to participate on the new forums (and we hope you will!).

How to log in to the new Voice123 forums:

First, bookmark the link: http://voice123.com/forum/.

Then, connect your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google, or Yahoo! account (at th top right corner of the page). The main reason to require this connection is to help us eliminate spammers and hackers. It adds an extra layer of verification, helping to ensure no one is misrepresenting themselves. We understand this is not a 100% guarantee that no one will be able to “fake” an account, but it will definitely help.

We will never post to any of your social media accounts without asking your permission and we do not collect, sell, or use your information in any way other than to identify you on the forum.

Who can participate?

Anyone! Going forward, we want the Voice123 forums to be an open, informative, and helpful tool for anyone interested in the voice over industry, veteran or someone just thinking about starting a career in voice acting. This means that even people without a Voice123 membership can still ask questions and get advice before signing up. This is another reason for the social media sign in (to verify non-member identities), but it also means more transparency and better conversation on the forums.

As always, we do appreciate your feedback. Thanks for making Voice123 the best voice over casting website on the planet!

We encourage you to check the Voice123 Forum, ask questions or simply share tips and advice with other voice talents.