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People may have told you that you have a great voice and the options to do relevant voice over work are infinite. However, it takes talent, desire, potential and ability to interpret scripts and audition like a pro.

 Doing voice over jobs is not only about your voice, but also about how you use it. Taking voice over lessons is the best way to discover if this industry is for you.

This business is about hearing, no one has to see you. Most of these jobs are directed by buyers via telephone or Skype. The same goes for voice over lessons. It’s natural for voice coaches to hold classes by any of these means. For you as a voice talent, training by phone will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to take direction and perform remotely, which happens increasingly in today’s world of online casting.

 Even if some voice talents may not require a lot of training because of their background experience, having continuous voice over lessons can bring many benefits to your career, like developing a wide range of character voices and accents.

 Among others, a Voice Coach will help you to:  

  1. Identify the talents and skills you’re good at and create your signature voice. After all, you need to distinguish your voice from the hundreds of other voice actors submitting auditions every day.
  2. Create your first demos, these are proof of what your voice can do. Aside from being free of background noise, echo, static and plosives you need to make sure that your demos are high quality. Statistically, buyers only listen to the first 7 seconds of a demo. A Voice Coach will help you make sure those first seconds are great.
  3. Build your home studio and get the basic equipment. Most buyers will expect you to record professional, high quality audio from your home studio. Your Voice Coach will give you advice in technical matters from advising what recording software to use to how to build your home studio.
  4. Interpret scripts or stories, build the character behind a role and deliver a fluid, convincing  recording.  

To master the voice over craft, you need to mean what you are saying. This requires knowledge and skills, but also voice control and sensitivity to deliver what a buyer wants. Therefore, being guided by a Voice Coach is essential and you will not regret of the time spent.


What do you think? Have you taken voice over lessons? Share your experience with us and other Voice123 voice talents in the comments below or via Twitter and Facebook. We’re sure many will learn from you.