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Get the auditions you want on Voice123

Your profile can make or break your voiceover career, simply as that. A sloppy profile will reflect badly on your work and an incomplete profile could be the reason […]

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We asked: why cut out the middleman?

It started when Alex met Tania… Tania was an aspiring voice actress who ran into lots of middlemen trying to get a piece of the voiceover pie. Alex, an […]

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6 essentials when recording in a professional studio

At Voice123 we always encourage our members, like you, to have a home studio where you can record auditions and final products. Most buyers will expect you to record […]

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We invite you to use the Voice123 Forum!


The Voice123 Forum has been a great place for voice actors to share experiences and help out fellow talents for many years. In order to provide a safer and […]

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    Reason #396 why working with Voice123 is the best: working from home

Reason #396 why working with Voice123 is the best: working from home

They say that with great power comes great responsibility and there’s no situation more appropriate to use this cliché than with working from home.


The freedom to make your […]

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Those “to be defined” and low budget castings

You’ve come to that moment of your voice over career where you know your experience is worth much more than that of newbie or amateur talents. And maybe you […]

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Why it’s important to take voice over lessons

People may have told you that you have a great voice and the options to do relevant voice over work are infinite. However, it takes talent, desire, potential and […]

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Selecting the Right Audio Recording Software

Whether you’re new to the industry or want to learn more about technical aspects, getting new equipment can be really unpleasant. Most buyers will expect you to record professional, […]

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Why rejection Isn’t failure in voice over

More than I would like to admit, the first auditions I went through were one of the most nerve-wracking and challenging things I could possibly undergo. I sat there, psyching […]

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International Dubbing

 Will you be ready when it comes your way? 

Picture this. Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman are having their now famous exchange in Die Hard. Alan Rickman, as awesome bad […]

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