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Today’s post comes to you from voice actor, Ben Bledsoe, who discusses what steps he took when mouth clicks and pops started during recording.

“I am a voice actor based in Hollywood, California.  Now, we don’t get strong winters down here, but I started noticing that my mouth was getting drier and drier towards the end of the year.  I also noticed that around the same time every year I have been getting colds, which can bring a voiceover career to a screeching halt at what always seems to be “the worst time imaginable”.

I decided to bring it up with my doctor when I went in for my flu shot.  His response was very simple, “Mouthwash”.

Now, I Listerine every day, so I was a little unconvinced by his response, but then he explained further. He said that I should pick up Biotene mouthwash and use it when I begin noticing those annoying pops and clicks, that are a sign of your mouth drying up.  He also said that Biotene makes a gum that you can take with you to sessions to help get saliva going and help lubricate your mouth, both of which I purchased immediately.  It’s amazing how quickly it turns you from dry to perfect.  I had a session today where I told the client that I needed to go get some water, but I actually went and did a quick swish of Biotene and came back ready to take on the world.

The other thing he told me to do was pick up a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and add a bit of that to my normal mouth washing routine.   You heard me right…  Hydrogen Peroxide; the stuff that your mom pours over a cut, which bubbles until your cut is clean. It sounds like a terrible thing to put in your mouth!  I did a double take until he showed me on the bottle that it was meant for such a thing. He said that peroxide cleans better than any standard mouthwash can, and tends to reach further down your throat to stop any bacteria from getting too comfortable in there; slowing or stopping any general colds. So there you have it.  Mouthwash has saved me from the two main issues I tend to face in the recording booth, and now it can hopefully do the same for you.”

Ben Bledsoe is a voice actor with 44th Floor Productions