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You’ve come to that moment of your voice over career where you know your experience is worth much more than that of newbie or amateur talents. And maybe you feel utterly offended to be invited by Voice123’s algorithm to a project with a “To be defined” or “low” budget. “That’s an insult!” you think.

Well, guess what? Throughout the years we’ve heard some great stories about these kinds of projects. It turns out that Pixar found a Spanish voice talent for their Buzz Light Year’s performance in Spanish for Toy Story 3 casting with a To Be Defined budget. Surprised? I was too. This was an over 200K budget,  but of course they were not about to post that number  online on the project details.

I recently had conversation with a very well known voice talent in L.A. We were talking about this and that, when he mentioned that one of his hottest clients came from Voice123. Of course, I was thrilled to hear that, and I had to ask how it happened. This is what he said: “I never went for a project with a budget lower than $300. But one day I just needed my cashflow to increase, so I decided to audition to any coming projects that really matched my voice, no matter the budget”. He booked a $100 project immediately and payment for it turned out to be a nightmare.

The client requested paperwork that seemed useless to process a $100 payment.  He didn’t give up, because he was not willing to let them get away with it. Three months later, he finally received the money. Today, this $100 budget project is his biggest and hottest client, with a fixed monthly gig. Although he didn’t share the figure with me, he did show me his L.A view.

Hearing all this I can’t help but wonder, are some talents missing out on great gigs because they are not willing to put their voice out there for what seems to be an “offensive to their experience” project?

My suggestion to all of our users would be basically to write some kick-ass remarks that will set a clear statement when auditioning, letting the buyers know that if they like the voice you’re willing to negotiate. If they can’t pay for your voice they won’t even try to keep talking to you, but what about a buyer liking your voice so much that they’re willing to increase their budget just to get you?

Another talent once told me that a big client contacted him about an audition he had sent a couple of years ago for a different project. The client saved the profile because they knew that his voice would come in handy in the future and it did! They’re now the biggest client he has.

The whole point of Voice123 is for you to get your voice out there. Don’t miss out, as far as you know that “To be Defined budget” could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. But read between lines, some projects are in fact meant for less experienced talents.

Oh! and as usual, DO NOT send a custom demo without watermark or with a complete read.