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Voice123 is holding a Meetup this Friday, December 10th, in NYC! You can see that many voice talent are planning to come out! We hope you can too!

We are looking to discuss building home studios that day! Please take a look!

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Skype Calls!
Skype is turning into an important networking, business, and support tool in various ways every single day! Voice talent already use it as a ‘phone patch’ for voice over work, and it is also a way to talk face to face with other voice talent, supporting each other, and building a voice over community!

On Friday, December 17th, I will get to do my first Skype call with voice talent, just to talk about working in voice overs. Thank you to Loren Gursky and Chris Kendall for inviting! You can read more about it on their Facebook group!

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About the Author

Steven Lowell Steven is the Community Development Guru of Voice123