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It started when Alex met Tania… Tania was an aspiring voice actress who ran into lots of middlemen trying to get a piece of the voiceover pie. Alex, an entrepreneur with a tech background, decided to help Tania and thousands of voice actors like her. Together they envisioned and launched Voice123 in 2003. Voice123 has a unique business model in the voiceover industry and we’ve boldly proclaimed something that no one else has: we want to cut the middleman out of the voiceover industry, even if that means us too.

It’s been 13 years since that claim and we hit the phones to ask our most seasoned talents what works and how they’ve overcome the challenges of our business model. Some talents have chosen to remain anonymous.

What did you think when you first heard about our business model and our aim to eliminate the middleman?

“For me, I looked at it as a new opportunity to connect with different kinds of buyers. I thought ‘wow, it’s probably gonna connect me to people who thought voice over services might be unapproachable or who might have not been sure how to go through the traditional means.’”

“It’s quite refreshing for Voice123 to put you in direct contact with buyers… and it also can mean that if the client finds you easy to deal with, they’re more likely to offer you more projects in the future because they’re already used to dealing with you on a personal level rather than through an organization.”

“The Voice123 model is the essence of what online voiceover casting should be. Voice123 draws quality talent and clients to the site by offering a straightforward business proposition that removes the middleman. Talents are able to foster lucrative long term relationships with clients without having to worry about interference from the site, or anyone taking a cut of the budget. All sites should be so straightforward.”

  • Anonymous

For you, what have been the advantages of our model?

“I’d rather work directly with clients myself. I was a small business owner ahead of time so I had an idea of how to do business with people. If you have the skills to sell yourself you’ve got unlimited leave on Voice123. I’ve built my business on Voice123.”

  • Anonymous

“From the perspective of hiring producers, they even like that there’s no middleman and they’re able to directly go to the talent and handle business. It’s efficient, it’s faster, its simple. It allows you to create your own business model and not have to follow the process of anyone else.”

“I like the fact that Voice123 has the platform to provide me with opportunities and I have the freedom to do with that opportunity what I want to do. Other sites you don’t know what they’re marking up, you have to use their particular payment systems, there’s a lot of mystery with how they work. With Voice123, it’s straightforward, the client posts a projects, they say how much they wanna pay and I can choose if I want to audition for it or not.”

  • Anonymous

How have you worked around the challenges our model?

“Having to make sure I get paid can be difficult but I use PayPal to collect payments and they have auto reminders that I can just set and I don’t have to constantly be following up with clients.”

“I sometimes have to do a little extra vetting on clients but it’s just a simple google search often. I can read into them a little by looking at their behaviour on Voice123 – how many invites are they sending, are they brand new?”

  • Anonymous

It’s been 13 years that we’ve been changing the voiceover industry and we’re constantly trying to improve. So now we turn it to you: what did you first think when you heard that Voice123 tries to eliminate the middleman in the voiceover industry? What have been the advantages of the model for you? How do you work around the challenges of our model? Let us know in the comments below or via Facebook and Twitter.