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Voice123 Voice over coach september dayWhat’s incredible about Voice123 is that you are only judged by what you deliver to a client… not by how you look, your resume, or where you live…it’s just about your voice.

-September Day, Voice Actress

Voice123 has helped voice actors from all over the world connect with great clients and voice over jobs. I could tell you my story of struggling to get started in the voice over industry, how I fell in love with the team at Voice123, and applied for this job for 3 months, but I figured a testimonial from someone who doesn’t work for Voice123 would probably mean more to you.

September Day Carter has been a Voice123 member since 2005. She is not employed in any way by us, nor was she paid for her appearance in this video. The words in this video are her own and were not scripted. Here’s the story of how Voice123 launched her career and landed her jobs with MTV, Warner Brothers, and more:

 Would you like to tell your success story for our next video? We want to hear from you! Just email me: tara.tyler@voice123.com. Special thanks to September for sharing her story!