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We know there are other voice over casting websites out there (a new one crops up daily it seems), but the thing we have that no one else does and the thing that has made Voice123 such a success is SmartCast. It’s a pretty sophisticated little algorithm, but basically, it’s designed to make sure that the best voices for the job get to audition for it. This makes voice seekers extremely happy because they don’t have to suffer through 100+ auditions that don’t match what they were looking for and it’s great for voice actors because you don’t have to drop everything and run to your microphone to be heard.

chuckMDon’t just take my word for it.

Check out this recent email exchange with voice over actor and coach Chuck McKibben. He wrote to tell us:

I booked a $1,900 job for Microsoft through Voice123 after only about 6 auditions! Well worth the cost of membership and proof that you have a system that works pretty darn well!

After getting that message, we emailed back asking if we could use his quote as a testimonial. He then replied back with this message on why he recommends Voice123 to all his voice over students and why SmartCast is awesome:

—– Original Message —–
From: Chuck McKibben
To: Voice123
Sent: Feb 17 10:39 PM

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, you may publicize the exact quote from my previous email about my booking the job with Microsoft. The huge ad agency [Client name redacted] used Voice123 to locate talent. The job promoted “Art in Miami,” which didn’t sound much like Microsoft to me, but there were “walking, talking robots” featured in the show, which would appear to be the tie-in. Payment was $400 session fee, and $1,500 use fee. Nice. Very nice.

I tell all my students about this experience and point out that the SmartCast system, which I initially hated as did many others, has proven itself to be an effective way to keep vast numbers of people from clogging the producers’ inboxes with huge numbers of inferior auditions. My student Deena Smith convinced me to try Voice123 again because, as she pointed out, the competition is always a small number, starting around 5 or 6 people to a high only in the 30’s, against which one has a fighting chance. I therefore now recommend Voice123 as a wise choice for my students who can’t devote all day to sending out dozens of auditions, but are willing to select just one absolutely “perfect-fit” script to try per day.

I guess that’s all for now. In parting, you may use this as a quote from me, too: “As Philadelphia’s only full-time private voiceover coach, I appreciate the existence of Voice123 as a fair and effective way for my students to compete for jobs.”

Best regards,

Chuck McKibben
Owner, voiceoverisland.com

Chuck is absolutely right. While at first it may feel like a restriction, it is really there for everyone’s benefit. Once you realize how well it works, you won’t want to live without it! I tell every person that asks me that Voice123 works for people who work it. Making sure your profile is optimized so SmartCast knows which jobs you want and only auditioning for those jobs that “feel right” for your voice and capabilities are the two biggest keys to success on Voice123. Having a fantastic voice, lots of talent, and a nice personality helps too!

I know I post these two videos all the time, but they really are worth the watch if you want to make Voice123 work for you:

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