Bill Stewart from Voice123 says…

Thanks for reaching out.  Currently I am on a 2 month trial with Voice123 (ends 7-23), and am also a Premium member with Voices.com.  I have not as yet […]

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Voice Seeker Greg Lam about Voice123…

I had a good experience. Quickly found a guy and I’ll be using him when I get the finalized script from my clients. Everything seemed fairly easy and straight […]

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Stephen Berthiaume from Voice123 says…

I am really enjoying using your site. Even though I haven’t gotten a job yet ( I just started my “career” in VO so I realise it takes time) […]

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John Lee from Voice123 says…

Hi Everyone,

I just got through signing up for my third year on Voice 123. It has been an interesting journey since I lost my morning radio job in April […]

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Voice Seeker: Harry A. Concepcion from Voice123 says…

We had a great experience with Voice 123!

We had a serious deadline and by choosing Voice 123, we met our deadline and the client was happy with the entire […]

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Mary Sarah from Voice123 says…

I LOVE< LOVE <LOVE your service!!!

I have just referred another “thespian/acting” friend to Voice 123 and went out with her to buy voice over equipment yesterday to set up […]

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Voice Seeker: Semyon Voinov from Voice123 says…

I’m really impressed how well the service is organized and everything is thinked-through! I’ve managed to find the voice I need, and I will definitely recommend your service to […]

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Voice Seeker: Russell Sawchuk from Voice123 says…

I have always had good success with finding narrators for our projects using Voice123. In fact we have found so many good narrators, that we tend to reuse them […]

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Jeff Minnerly from Voice123 says…

I have booked many projects with you as a Premium Member and have more than recovered my initial investment. Your SmartCast system for auditions works well for me and […]

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Voice seeker: Charles Dayment from Voice123 says…

We had a great experience with Voice123!  Our voice over talent was very professional with a quick turnaround time.  I loved the fact that we could send a customized […]

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