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Voice123 Voice Actor Hugh Galyean Today’s guest post is from Voice123 voice actor Hugh Galyean. He tells his story about how he went from voice over newbie to booking his dream voice over job:

Last fall, I was sitting with my 12 year old son, a sports enthusiast, watching  the start of a documentary on CBS which captures the pageantry and excitement of college football. As the episode begins, my son hears the narrator’s voice over the HD video footage and realizes the narrator is ME. He looked at me with this wide-eyed, disbelieving stare and said, with a huge grin, “Dad, that is so weird.” I don’t know which of us was more happy or proud. This year, the program was renewed for a second season and I am stepping into the recording studio to record the next episode tomorrow. How did I get that gig, you ask? The producer of the show, 1500 miles away from me, saw my profile page on Voice123, listened to my demos I had posted there and invited me directly to audition.  I love voice over work. It is hard to believe I started out just 4 years ago.

Advice for Voice Over Newcomers

If you are new to the field of voice acting, please don’t worry about being a novice. Everyone starts there. Let me encourage you to jump right in…the water is fine. Voice over is a fantastic outlet for your creative side and you can begin with a minimal investment.  The very first thing I did was to sign up with Voice123. I began as a regular member for free which allowed me to begin recording some demos for my Voice123 profile page. Then, when I was ready to try competing for jobs, I became a premium member. I learned so much from Voice123 staff and from other Voice123 talent who are very willing to help out a novice artist like me. I was a 60 year old novice in voice over work when I signed up with Voice123. If I can be successful, so can y­­­­­­­ou. There is room for everyone.

Here are some helpful hints from my experience that perhaps will be encouraging for you.

Your Home Studio

Starting out, I recorded my auditions from my home (I still do) and my “studio” was actually a closet. I had an inexpensive microphone on a stand with a popper screen plugged into my laptop computer. I downloaded a free program called Audacity which allows me to record audio, edit, and save it in .mp3 format for my auditions, as well as in finished format (like .wav or .aiff) for a client that chooses my voice. ­­­­­­

Training and Persistence

­­­­­­There are community college classes that can introduce you to voice over work if you want to go that route.  I chose to simply learn as much as I could from Voice123 and practiced getting better with what I was producing. Don’t get discouraged. I think it took me 9 months to win my first job. But guess what?  My first client still uses me regularly and I don’t have to audition for them.  They know my voice and the quality of work that I produce.

Low / No Budget Jobs

Don’t be afraid to go for the low budget/no budget jobs. They are a great way to get your feet wet, gain confidence, get your voice out there and learn. I learn something new with every audition. I still do some jobs gratis because I like helping  others.  For instance, I love PSAs for non- profit organizations that are involved in a good work. I realize I have been blessed and I like sharing my blessings with others.  What goes around comes around. I will be pulling for you.  Be yourself, there is no one else like you.

Thank you Voice123 for continuing to be there.

Warm regards,

Hugh W. Galyean

Check out Hugh’s work on “College Football Uncut: Gameday” on Hulu: