Finding voiceover actors using Voice123

As the world’s first voiceover marketplace, we’ve been around since 2004 which means that we’ve helped thousands of buyers find voiceover actors. Recently, we interviewed our most seasoned voice […]

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Those “to be defined” and low budget castings

You’ve come to that moment of your voice over career where you know your experience is worth much more than that of newbie or amateur talents. And maybe you […]

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3M Commercial Voice Over Booked through Voice123

As you know by now, we just love sharing the hard work of our voice actors. I am copying and pasting, word for word, the email I received recently […]

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Why Voice123 SmartCast is a Voice Actor’s Best Friend

We know there are other voice over casting websites out there (a new one crops up daily it seems), but the thing we have that no one else does […]

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How I Landed My Dream Voice Over Gig

Today’s guest post is from Voice123 voice actor Hugh Galyean. He tells his story about how he went from voice over newbie to booking his dream voice over job:

Last fall, […]

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Voice123 Review: Voice Actress, September Day

What’s incredible about Voice123 is that you are only judged by what you deliver to a client… not by how you look, your resume, or where you live…it’s just […]

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Protected: Meet Eleven Year Old Voice Actress Morgan Burch

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Voice123 voice actor’s tips for booking voiceover work

Recently, voice actor Ross Huguet was hired through Voice123 to be the voice of a really cool promo video for the 14th international Beethoven piano competition in Vienna, Austria.  […]

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    Voice123 endorsement by voice coach Deborah Richards and more

Voice123 endorsement by voice coach Deborah Richards and more

If you have ever stayed up late to watch an infomercial, the caption “Results Not Typical”, is usually displayed. It is very easy to say about any service like […]

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10 Reasons Why I Enjoy Voice123 by Julia Lipman

We receive feedback about Voice123 every single day, and over the years we have gotten to know many of you through email conversations. The best thing about it is […]

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