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Success Failure Churchill Quote
No, that is not a mistake; you are reading the title of this article correctly.  Today, I want to talk about “almost success.” You know, those jobs that you audition for and you get shortlisted on. You got that fateful email saying the client has narrowed it down to just you and one other voice actor for their final selection. You might sit up all night, manifesting your destiny so that you will get the final email; the one that says the client has selected you. Then you can go to sleep on Cloud Nine because all of your perseverance and training has FINALLY paid off.

See “Almost Successes” for What They Really Are

Sadly, when most of us get that email that the client has gone with the other talent, we do something quite the opposite of all that positivity the night before.  We begin to doubt ourselves, wonder what we could have done differently, think that we are not good enough, or maybe, even begin to wonder why we are still in the voice over business or if we are even cut for this line of work. But in reality, all of those prior thoughts are so far from the truth that sometimes we need a reminder to own those “almost successes” and see them for what they really are–a success.

It’s All in Your Head

Someone asked me  once if I thought voice over was all about your voice and I said “no, voice over is all about your mind.”  I truly believe that it is, too.  If you cannot wrap our minds around our thoughts, the script, the character, regardless of  what a great set of pipes you have, you will never be able to convey what is in your mind to your mouth to get it out to your audience.
The same goes with this scenario.  You have to get it out of your mind that NOT getting the job is a failure.  There are two things that are true 99% of the time when you did not get the job. Number one, you will not be getting a paycheck  from that job and number two, you won’t be able to add that particular client to your resume THIS time. The rest of the reasons you might create in your mind of why this was a failure aren’t true and you should start training yourself now to stop seeing them that way. The most common one people go back to is “I’m not good enough,” but really, that’s not true at all now, is it?

The Client’s Decision is Out of Your Control

Often times the reasoning for a client going with one talent over another is something completely beyond your control.  For all you know, the other talent’s voice could have reminded them of a best friend or they just liked their tonality better.  That has nothing to do with your ability.
For every job that you get shortlisted on and almost get, you need to remind yourself of the following:
  1. Out of all the talent that submitted auditions, you were one of the final few.
  2. The fact that your agency even sent you the audition means that you are talented and they feel confident enough in your abilities, skills and training to continue to send you work,
  3. And IT IS A SUCCESS.  It’s showing you that your efforts are paying off and you are close to your goal.
Keep moving forward, remember what you did on that particular audition to make you stand out and keep working on it for future auditions.  If you still are in doubt, set up an hour training session with a coach of your choice to make sure that you are delivering the best you can do – you might just need that little extra push to remind you that you are on the right track.  Whatever you do , just remember that  the right mind set in this industry in crucial for a long, thriving career.