We asked: why cut out the middleman?

It started when Alex met Tania… Tania was an aspiring voice actress who ran into lots of middlemen trying to get a piece of the voiceover pie. Alex, an […]

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Why rejection Isn’t failure in voice over

More than I would like to admit, the first auditions I went through were one of the most nerve-wracking and challenging things I could possibly undergo. I sat there, psyching […]

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International Dubbing

 Will you be ready when it comes your way? 

Picture this. Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman are having their now famous exchange in Die Hard. Alan Rickman, as awesome bad […]

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Rethinking your “Almost Success” in Voice Acting

No, that is not a mistake; you are reading the title of this article correctly.  Today, I want to talk about “almost success.” You know, those jobs that you […]

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Stop that Negative Voice Over in Your Head

Recently, I read a blog post by Remit Sethi (the “I will teach you to be rich” guy) called “How to stop feeling guilty” and a lot of what […]

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Damnnit Jim! I’m a Voice Actor, Not a Studio Engineer!

Today’s voice actor is more than just a pretty voice. These days the voice actor has to be a computer repair expert, a marketer, an agent, a writer, a […]

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Setting S.M.A.R.T. Voice Over Goals For 2014

It’s a new year, filled with new voice acting opportunities. If you want to maximize those opportunities you need a plan. Just like you wouldn’t set out on a […]

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Ten Free Ways to Forget a Bad Week in Voice Over

We’ve all had them. Bad weeks in the voice over business. Those weeks when you submit all kinds of auditions and demos and nothing seems to stick. Weeks when your best […]

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Regret Versus Failure

Remember that audition you didn’t submit?

Remember that agent you didn’t contact?

Remember that coaching you said “no” to?

Remember that conference you didn’t attend?

Remember that networking you never did?

Remember that prospect […]

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Not Satisfied With Your Voice Over Career? Try This…

You don’t book enough work.

You don’t make enough money.

You don’t have any big clients.

You don’t get any high paying gigs.

You don’t have enough auditions.

There are all kinds of things […]

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