Want to Narrate Audiobooks? Tips for Getting Them Done Fast

Yay! You booked an audiobook gig! Getting paid to read?! What could be better? What I didn’t realize, and what most voice actors don’t, is that audiobooks are extremely […]

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Voice123’s Most Wanted: What Clients are Searching For

What do Voice Seekers want?

That’s the million dollar question, right? When you’re filling out your Voice123 profile and choosing the keywords that describe your voice, you want to make […]

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3M Commercial Voice Over Booked through Voice123

As you know by now, we just love sharing the hard work of our voice actors. I am copying and pasting, word for word, the email I received recently […]

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The Most Misused Term in All of Voice Over!

In today’s Home Studio Tip of the Week from Dan Lenard, he says there is one term you should absolutely delete from your lexicon! This term is so out […]

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How to Logically Troubleshoot Your Home Studio Problems

Nothing is more frustrating than troubleshooting audio problems in your home voice over studio. In this week’s home studio tip, Dan Lenard, the Home Studio Master, describes the process he uses […]

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Voice Over Recipe: The Aggressive Read

Hard Sell Souvlaki – The Aggressive Read

One BIG announcement
One aggressive talent or broadcaster
One studio that can record LOUD volumes
One powerful read

If these ingredients are mixed up JUST RIGHT – […]

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Five Other Places You Can Post Your Voice Over Work


Of course we think that Voice123.com is the best place to market your voice online, but we also know that running a successful voice over business means getting your voice out there in as many channels as possible. In today’s guest post from voice actor Marc Scott, he talks about some non-voice over specific sites that can still help your career.


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Five Simple Things You Can Do To Speak More Confidently

Whether you are speaking in public in front of a large audience or just need to record your voicemail, there are some simple things you can do to sound […]

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New Project Fulfillment Feature Keeps Voice Actors Informed

Thanks to your suggestions, we released a new feature called “Project Fulfillment” that will let voice actors know if someone was hired for a project they auditioned for.

Here’s how it […]

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Mac vs. PC for Voice Over Work?

Before we get to this week’s home studio tip, I wanted to let you know that we’re presenting a special online workshop with our Home Studio Master, Dan Lenard, […]

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