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Leaving Town? Try Voice123 ‘Away’ Status!

If you are leaving town today, Voice123 is happy to introduce the new Voice123 ‘Away’ status for your profiles, perfect for those who fear they may be contacted while […]

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Background Noise: Did you hear something?

As a Quality Assurance Manager for Voice123, and a voice over talent, I would like to take the opportunity to share with you some of my experience from hearing […]

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How Do You ‘Solve For X’ ?

Are you ever curious as to why you have not booked work, even though you did your very best? One of the toughest things to deal with in this […]

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Do I invest in ISDN or an Internet Audio Program? (By Harlan Hogan)

I’ll try to keep this short… If you are doing actual sessions from a home studio ISDN or an Internet equivalent (Source Connect, Audio TX) is an invaluable […]

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Voiceover Audition/Proposal Rating System FAQ

Hi!Several talents and voice producers have asked us many questions about the rating system. We just released a FAQ about it. You can check it out in here: usual, […]

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Set The Display Order Of Your Demos

After increasing the number of demos you can upload to your Voice123 profile, you can now set the order of how you want your demos to be displayed on […]

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Paying and Getting Paid

Being paid as a voice over and paying talents as a client is one of the most challenging moments of the process of selling and buying voice over recordings. […]

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Recording Hardware And Software Tips

Our last newsletter presented an overview about recording tools and audio file converter software. We know there is a lot more to say and discuss about this subject, so […]

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