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Tips from Voice123: “Target Your Demos Effectively! Avoid Coffee Coaster Demos!”

Compilation Demos: Ineffective OnlineIf you have ever uploaded only one compilation demo onto Voice123, and gave it one category, but then wondered why direct invites came so few and […]

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Voice123 Tech Tip: Shared Inbox by ‘You’

Do you know that you do not have to tell anyone where your auditions came from when you are using Voice123 and working with a client?It is true! At […]

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Tips For Voice123 Profiles: ‘Thinking Outside the Box to Check Boxes’

Have you ever opened a Daily Summary or Weekly Summary and thought, ‘Why did I not get invited to this?’. A misconception with some using Voice123 is the belief […]

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Do You Know What Happens Every Thursday at Voice123?

Every Thursday, Voice123 offers a product demo/training on how to use Voice123! During this 60-90 minutes session, Voice123 staff explains the following:The exact details of how SmartCast and Voice123 […]

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The Voice123 ‘Add a Demo’ Tool!

Do you have a personal website and would like to add your Voice123 voice demos to it?If you login to your profile, and go to the More Tools section, […]

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‘My Voice Tags’ in Your Profile!

Demo tags are finally here! The work put in by you, the professional Voice123 talent, has helped us create a great new feature for helping all Voice123 voice over […]

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Copy Reading – Some Tips and Thoughts

In a creative industry, there are no ‘absolutes’, yet the one thing that seems to have changed very little over the last 20 years is ‘how to read copy’, […]

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Pro Tips! Converting MP3 & CDA Files

MP3 files are the most well-known format of audio file. On Voice123, MP3s are used most commonly for the following:Uploading a demo onto your Voice123 profile, which you can […]

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Tips! Using the Voice123 Ranking System

After you post a project on Voice123, and check your audition inbox, a screen comes up (below) in front of you mentioning a ‘ranking system’. Next to each audition, […]

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Headshot or Not?

Voice123 knows that many talented professionals in the voiceover industry are also models, actors, sound engineers, etc. A question Voice123 receives quite often is, also mentioned on the Voice123 […]

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