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Soundproofing and Recording: Part I

Last Friday, Voice123 held a Meetup at David Zema’s recording studio in New York City. We all discussed soundproofing and recording from home. David Zema wrote a […]

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QA Talk: Boo? NO!…Hiss? Yes.

Voice123 screens auditions for audio quality to make sure that your audition get to the client sounding the way you expected!

This past week, we were looking for topics to […]

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Usage Tip: You Must Come To This Webinar

I can offer no more direct advice than this for Voice123 talent: You must come to this Voice123 Webinar I do on the fourth Thursday of each month, in […]

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Usage Tip: Requirements In Auditioning

If you did not know, we Voice123 sends auditions back to the talent to submit again, if the audio quality is poor, or the person submitted something other than […]

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Usage Tip: Webinar Tomorrow Night

Voice123 is holding a webinar on ‘Working in Voiceovers Online! Voice123 and Online Street Smarts!’, tomorrow night at 8pm EST.This is the registration link.We can be no more direct […]

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Usage Tip: Best Day To Modify Profiles & Demos

This is part 4 in the series of usage tips for better usage of! I am bringing you information that I know will assist you in […]

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Website Usage: Voice Over Job QA

This is long, but worth it. The online world is a much safer place to find work. There is a growing responsibility each day in all websites, not […]

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Usage Tips: Making Sure They Hear You

As part of the series of blogs for ‘Usage Tips’, this week I am bringing you a Voice123 website usage tip for all those out there who believe […]

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Coach Partner Program In Voice123

What is it?Voice123 offers a Coach Partner Program that many professional coaches take part in!Please read about it here!Keeping This Short And Simple:This is a great way to for […]

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Tips From Voice123: “Questions From Trainings”

Every Thursday, Voice123 does a free training on how to use the Voice123 SmartCast system, but also offers tips on how to work online as a voice over artist. […]

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