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ISDN not a nice four-letter word: Voiceover talent interview Part II

This is part II of my interview with Voice123 talent AJ McKay. In part one of my interview with friend (although I rarely admit that in public) and colleague, AJ […]

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It is the Era of Customer Service as it should always be

It goes without saying that this is The Era of Customer Service. This is largely influenced by social media. You can also say that ‘customer service is everything!’ when […]

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Special discount offer on innovative acoustic booth

A few days ago, we were approached by a fascinating company from Germany, run by a voice talent/musician, offering an innovative style of acoustic booth. The company, Studiobricks, has […]

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Seal Me In My Voiceover Booth

Remember this When outside noise puts you out of work?
Look, if you’ve been investigating “Sound Proof booths,” I’m sure you are aware that you could spend upwards of $5,000 […]

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How to offer classic terrible customer service

As voice talent we all “sell”, be it a voice over or simply ourselves by the mere fact that our personality of our voices can win jobs. But we […]

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Microphone Mythology by Dan Lenard

One thing at a time! This week, Microphone Mythology…

Yeah, while a Logitech, off the shelf, computer mic might sound better than your old cassette recorder mic, it won’t hack […]

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Audio Terms by voice over talent Dave Wallace

Voice123 has a forum in which premium subscribers to Voice123, often share tech tips.

Dave Wallace, voice talent on Voice123, recently shared the following post you can check out:

Audio Terms…ALL […]

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Voice over tip for achieving the natural sound

While having the chance to approve thousands of voice over jobs, there is one description requested quite often:  ‘looking for a natural sounding voice’

Recently I had the chance to […]

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Recording Booths: How Do You Do It?

Good day, and Happy Holidays! I am a staff member at Voice123, Leo DeLope, with the chance to write a blog this morning for voice talent. Some of you […]

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Soundproofing and Recording Part II: Recording

In our last blog from December 15th, 2010, we shared with you soundproofing advice from voice coach David Zema, as part I of this series. Today, […]

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