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Voice123 is the largest voice over marketplace on the planet with the largest selection of voice actors to choose from.

Enhanced by our innovative technology, SmartCast, Voice123 offers you the following casting tools:

  1. Post a voice over project (www.voice123.com/post) and receive custom auditions and/or quotes. Let SmartCast invite those Talents that best match your voice requirements. You can also invite your preferred Talents to audition.
  2. By searching our Voice Over database (http://voice123.com/web/common/search_talent.cgi), you can contact Talents directly.

The casting process is totally free to use, the only cost involved is what you as a Buyer, pay to the Talent.

Hiring the right voice actor will give you power among your audience. You need to find the voice that not only brings emotion to your script but also represents your brand.

Talents, by trade, are creative professionals who follow what you ask them to do. They will do what you ask, if you put the details in there. The Talent profiles on Voice123 are very detailed, and even include additional business services that they offer as Talent-voice producers. They will perform what you ask them to read, but if there is little description, words spelled incorrectly, or if proper pronunciations are left out, you may leave them scratching their heads. For this reason, the more details you provide, the better.

After deciding the tool you want to use to find the right Talent, you will start receiving auditions (you decide the number of auditions to receive, it depends on your needs). However, we suggest you to narrow your results to 3-5 candidates.

Now it’s time to sit down and listen carefully to the auditions of the finalists. Trust your gut and your ears. Pick your top 2 and share the auditions with your colleagues or clients. They will help you make a decision and pick the Talent you want to work with.

When the casting process is over and a Talent has been selected or hired, the negotiation about payment, deadlines and NDA is between Talent and Buyer. Voice123 is NOT part of the final transaction, that is why Voice123 doesn’t receive ANY commission from castings or direct bookings whatsoever.

Now it’s time to send a message to the Talent through the Voice123 messaging system or directly if the Talent provided their contact information and let them know they’ve been hired.

Here are some final tips to keep in mind during the negotiation process:

Be Clear about Post-Production Expectations: These post production instructions are in regard to ‘dry reads’. If you want to hire full production from the voice-Talent, make sure they can provide those services. Let the voice Talent know what you are willing to do in post-production. Do you need them to edit out all the breaths, or will you take care of that? Do you want three different takes on the closing line so you can choose your favorite? Communicate your expectations to the voice Talent.

Always be upfront about fees and requirements: There are many factors that help determine the budget you should have for your project. They include post-production work requirements, purpose of the recording, union status of the voice-over Talent, etc.  From experience, Voice123 has seen more productive results when someone posts a job and lets Talents know how much they will be paid ahead of time, what they must do when hired, or when production will begin. If you do not know, give as much info as possible about your situation. We know that sometimes things change, but the most professional Talents are more inclined to audition & be more flexible when budget and requirement details are provided. Being upfront about where the project is at in terms of budget and production, leaves a Talent confident in doing business with you.

Agree Upon a Payment Schedule That You Are Comfortable With: Voice123 Talents and producers offer a wide variety of payments methods. Some voice Talents may only ask you to pay after the recording has been delivered. Others may ask you to submit a partial or full payment up front. If you are submitting payments in advance, we encourage you to use PayPal. Our suggestion is to pay 30% – 50% when starting the negotiation with the Talent, and the other 70% – 50% when the final file has been delivered.

Following these simple guidelines should improve Internet communications, keep costs down and allow everyone to enjoy exceptional results.

Use our platform to cast your next commercial, narration, audiobook, documentary, cartoon, podcast or anything else you need! If you have a great idea that needs a great voice, the right choice is Voice123!